Voice Of Warriors President/Founder Patti Katter Speaks On Prozak’s ‘Until Then’

Apr 23 2012


Patti Katter Of VOW

Following the release of Prozak’s powerful “Until Then” music video from Paranormal, we asked our fans to weigh in on the video’s message and share their thoughts with us. Among the many responses we received, one in particular stood out.

Patti Katter In "Million Miles Away"Patti Katter is the founder and President of Voice Of Warriors. The Voice Of Warriors organization was founded in order to give veterans and their loved ones a place for support and to speak up about the issues facing our veterans. If Patti looks familiar it’s because she showed her support for veterans by appearing in Prozak’s “Million Miles Away” music video.

After we asked fans for their thoughts, we received a special letter from Patti regarding “Until Then” and what it meant to her. Please take a moment to read the letter below:

Until Then was very upsetting to me because the topic hits very close to home.


I am married to a combat veteran who served 15 months in Iraq during war. My husband like many others were injured in war. Many of our men and women who have made it home from war physically have not made it home mentally. This has created an estimate of 18 military veterans who commit suicide per day. I am the founder of a non-profit organization called Voice of Warriors. We work to raise awareness on issues our combat men and women face when returning home from war.

Although Prozak struggled with issues in every day life in this video – imagine losing friends in war, right before your eyes – feeling hopeless and dealing with survivors guilt. This is what many of our veterans face every day.

When I first became aware of “Prozak” I categorized him in with other “hip hop” artists… however, as I hear his songs, I realize was wrong to do so. Prozak is dealing with hard issues that many other music artists are afraid of. Real life and topics that hit close to home. Kudos to Prozak for tackling a topic such as suicide. Suicide is a hard topic to talk about, but it needs to be discussed more. Many people at one time or another have thought about suicide, but they do not think about the repercussion of suicide. Until Then does a good job at showing the after effects on a family after one has committed suicide. A sobbing, heart broken significant other and child.

So, if by chance my view is posted on the Strange Blog – If you are a military veteran reading this, I care about you. I’ve lost too many friends in the war to turn around and lose them on the home front is more devastating than you can imagine. Military family is thicker than blood… we are in this together.


Patti Katter
Voice of Warriors/President
Bringing Warriors and Communities together through Education and Resources

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