Stevie Stone Asks Fans To Weigh In On Tupac Hologram At Coachella [Social]

Apr 17 2012

This past weekend at the Coachella 2012 music festival, fans in attendance witnessed a historic moment in hip hop as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg resurrected Tupac Shakur through hologram technology for a special performance of “Hail Mary” and “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted“.

Snoop And Tupac On StageThe emotional and stunning performance lit the hip hop world on fire as the web buzzed about the hologram image of the West Coast legend.

Dropping in to the conversation, Strange Music’s Stevie Stone hit the web to ask fans what they thought of the much talked about performance.

Check out what Strange Music fans had to say:

“Had me going back to da ol days kickin hard wit tears in my eyes. Pac was and still is da GREATEST! I play my cd’s often. Have to get crunk every now n then! Thanks Fam!! Can we get Pac n Stone? Now that would be da snizzle!!” – Carol Williams

“Nothing like the real thing but that was damn close that shit was ill” – Jeremy Garcia

“I personally think they need to let tupac rest in peace. He’s being digitized and it’s a bit extreme. I love tupacs music and its message, but really? Let him rest.” – Isaac R. Veloz

“That shit had me jump out my seat…sad tho i thought he really came back” – Patrick Desir Jr.

“Amazing. it was like seeing a ghost, then it disappeared like in the movies.” – Larry Vaughan

“Deff mind blowing they should do alot more of it” – Chris Reber

“OMG it was fucking awesome, I miss that man so much, that was my boy;-)” – Kim Simpson

“loved it– Damn shame a hologram would sell out a show, yanno– lol…Whoever did it, is laughing all the way to the bank right now.” – Anna Marie Jones

“imagine being at that concert….” – Joe Perkus

“That was so fresh. I hope the next one they do they do a Proof one and have Eminem and D12 all perform with him. #BigProof4Eva!” – Aaron Price

“Absolutely incredible!” – Ken Herrly

“amaaaazing, truly a sight to behold” – Jesse Ruiza

“my mind is def blown” – Daren A. Zolman

“sickest shit ive ever seen so realistic” – Christopher Hades Burroughs

“Fucks your mind up shit was a trip” – Dustin Coca

“Shit was sick as fuck” – Rome Espino

  • What did you think of the hologram performance?
  • Do you think it was right?

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