‘I Won’t Say Who It Is Yet’ – Brotha Lynch Hung Hints At Big Guest Feature [Social]

Apr 17 2012

Brotha Lynch Hung Hints At New Collab
Photo by: AP Skyline Photography

Fans waiting to hear Brotha Lynch Hung’s Mannibalector have even more to look forward to as the Sac-town cannibal recently hit the web to hint at something big.

Giving fans an update on the highly anticipated album, Lynch revealed that one of his main features for the project recently came through, but did not drop a name. News of the collaboration has fans everywhere speculating as to who could be behind the guest appearance.

Fans may recall that Brotha Lynch Hung previously threw out Eminem’s name as his most sought after collaboration in 2012.

Just who did the Coathanga Strangla bring along for the ride? Stay tuned for more!

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