‘God Woke Up And Said F*ck The World For Killing Tupac’ – Tech N9ne And Fans Buzz Over Tupac Hologram [Social]

Apr 20 2012

Victor Sandoval

Tech N9ne And Fans Buzz Over Tupac Hologram

What it does it look like when the skies above don’t cosign the recent Tupac hologram? Well, with a little imagination the image shared by Tech N9ne paints a decent picture of just that.

Just after Tupac’s image graced the Coachella stage through use of hologram technology, Tech N9ne hit the web to share this photo with the quote:

“God woke up & said fuck the world for killing tupac after seeing that hologram at cochella!”

While the “f*ck you” from the clouds was funny, it was Tech’s mention of Tupac and the hologram that sparked a massive response from fans online. From the agreeable to the outraged, fans weighed in on the historic moment.

What did fans have to say about Tupac being brought back with a hologram? Check it out below!

Tech N9ne On Facebook

“such a sick performance” – Rick Murray

“I know 🙁 i actually almost cried at the end of the video, when he disapears… cause for a few mins i actually forgot that he had gotten killed…seriously. it was strange” – Jillian Wagoner

“yess fuck a hologram!! hell no” – Nathan Staley

“Haha I m with god then.. We need 2pac back to help tech make music right..” – Justen Horton

“Yeah fuck you world!!! bring back tupac!!!! god dammit!!! STRANGE!!!” – Kevin Lawson

“thank you for summing up how I felt about it too” – Justin Beale

“I think thats tupac tryin to say bye for the last time” – Andrew Glowczewski

“Nothing like waking up to a little blasphemy.” – James Soroe

“Brilliant!” – Blain Moore

“lmfao thats greatness in picture taking haha” – Danny Blythe

“he got the last laugh.” – Joshua Bryan Breault

“Hell of a pic. Fuck the world!” – Donnie Pennington

“Tech Nina’s fucking crazyyyy hahah” – Seduction Seduce

“That ain’t god that’s 2pac himself. We all got mind fucked from Cochella...” – Lizzie Corbett

“Tech and Pac, both legends. what up tech?!?!!much clown love.what up pac?!?!! Rest in Peace.” – Chris Allan

“Tupac hologram is nothing but money. Dre and Snoop tryna capitalize off a man who didn’t even fck with them before his death. Vultures like C-Bo said” – Eddie Tha Fourth

“Yeah tupacs gone but come on! he still manages to make it on stage. that’s epic. that’s fuckin history: ))” – Nikki Hayes

“This is definitely the absolute best thing I have ever seen on Facebook. Great job tech.” – Charles Samuel Fitch

“That shit was sooooo sick though!! When I saw the video of it my jaw dropped in disbelief and then I couldn’t stop smiling!” – Rainie Kvidahl

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