'Ces Cru Could Be Touring The Country Or Even The World A Year From Now' — Demencha Reviews 'Money Don't Matter' from Ubiquitous

May 31 2012

While we know the lyrical tornado that is Ces Cru is monstrous as a whole, the duo proves they can stand on their own as well.

Demencha Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Chris Mills, recently got his hands on Ubiquitous’ solo mix tape Money Don’t Matter and gave it his professional opinion.

Mills states that not only have Godemis and Ubiquitous improved since signing with Strange, the recent release from Ubi is a great indicator to where Ces Cru’s head is at in the rap game. And while the title may lead you to believe that this mix tape is all about the cheddar, there’s a lot more to it than what it seems. Chris writes:

“[Matter Don’t Money] is Ubiquitous telling everyone that he’s not going to settle for some local notoriety and some side cash earned from ripping shows around town. This is a very straightforward mix tape in the sense that his lyrics are telling you where his head is at, but his flow and fancy wordplay is what’s meant to sell you on Ubiquitous’ lyrical skill set.”

Chris had nothing but great things to say about what one half of the whole has to offer, and left us with what could possibly be the best conclusive quote in the history of reviews:

“Money is Ubiquitous’ prime objective heading forth with hip hop. Is he a bit obsessed? Possibly. But we’re pretty confident that your inner slacker will probably take offense to about 80% of this mix tape.”

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