‘My Favorite So Far’ – Fans React To Krizz Kaliko’s ‘Stay Alive’ [Social]

May 1 2012

Fans React To Krizz Kaliko's "Stay Alive"

Offering up the most powerful cut from Kickin’ & Screamin‘ yet, Krizz Kaliko delivered the “Stay Alive” music video this past week and gave listeners a profound look inside his deepest emotions.

The brand new music video follows up “Species” and features Krizz Kaliko walking the hallowed grounds of a cemetery as he reflects on his own life and does his best to simply stay alive. With his own son singing background vocals, “Stay Alive” has quickly found its place as one of the most heartfelt songs to ever release from Krizz Kaliko’s catalog.

Soon after its release, fans on the web began sharing their own personal stories and thanked Krizz Kaliko for giving them yet another piece of inspirational music. From those coping with loss to those facing life’s harshest realities, “Stay Alive” has become a beacon of hope for many.

Check out what fans on the web had to say!

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“gave me chills” – Smoov Wooz

“KALI BABY!!!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on that album!!!!!! Keeping strange for life!!!!” – Gregory Hernandez Tejeda

“Love kalifridays! STRANGE!” – Smerk Burden-Mexicano

“wtf such a sick song this whole album is gonna be the shit KALI BABY AHA!” – Samuel Rivera

“I really like the flow on this Krizz. A different flavor from the rest of the agressive tracks on the K&S album thus far. Keep it up son, you’re on the rise!” – Kyool S. Westberg

“Amazing! Krizz, you always put it down my dude!” – Eric Salisbury

“This song is amazing! It’s deep and passionate. Love it!” – Luis Valenzuela

“This may be my favorite kaliko song on the album. I love when strange music artist make that soulfull hopefull real life music it never gets gets old” – Sergio Michael Rodriguez

“Video was deep as fuck!! Lovin the kali fridays. If you dont got the cd on preorder your gonna miss out! STRAAANGE” – TJ Rackley

“KALI BABYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! You outdid yourself again. Much love… ♥” – Mariah A. Beaupre

“That “Stay Alive” Kali . … That right there – When I see you, I want you to sign it “STAY ALIVE” & whatever else God puts on your heart. You rep it from tha heart fam. I felt realness in that song. Putting that next to my One Good Time at the top.” – Docc Holiday

“One of my favorite Kali songs in Strange history!” – Jioni G Rel Reliford

“krizz is just amazing… this song is the shit seriously..” – Grabriel Jean Carpentier

“Every time I see or hear that song, gives me goosebumps. ^S^” – Nathaniel Zamora

“Never knew Kali could sing. Sooo legit.” – Joshua Nicholas

“Wow. Kriz Kaliko, you are the only artist with balls enough to preview every song on your album because you know there good. I will be buying your album, you haven’t given me one bad song yet.” – Adam Santellano

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