Fans ‘Spaz’ The F*ck Out To Krizz Kaliko’s Latest Music Video [Social]

May 14 2012

Krizz Kaliko - "Spaz"

Kanye and his workout plan took a backseat this past week when Krizz Kaliko’s “Spaz” featuring Tech N9ne had everyone in Strangeland working up a sweat.

The latest music video from Kickin’ & Screaminfeatures Krizz Kaliko and Tech N9ne hitting the pavement hard as they jog, ride bikes, and all around spaz out for a vibrant visual that is sure to keep fans moving.

From Tech N9ne’s hilarious look (peep the goggles) to Krizz Kaliko’s animated delivery, “Spaz” kept fans on the web buzzing as Kickin’ & Screamin’ prepares to find a permanent spot on everyone’s workout playlist.

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Check out what fans on the web had to say!

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“love it SPAZ SPAZ… SPAZ… GENIUS!” – Megan Valdez

“Good shit Kali you did it again….never cease to make my head nod” – Robert Murillo

“Love it Kaliko absolutely love it” – Jeremy Updizzle

“This song live would be crazy!” – Paul Winskowski

“So Amazing, So Dope, So Krizz Kaliko, So Tech N9ne, SO STRAAAAAANGE !!!! ♥” – Sven De Coninck

“Kali and Tech are on some hunit shit dude, they never fuckin seize to impress me” – Anderson Alicea-Rivera

“Hell yeah! Cant wait to get this album!” – Braydon Dubhead Harmon

“Fucking Blew my mind man hardcore” – Joseph Angus

“haha I just noticed Tech is riding a Specialized, I got a hard rock sport that’s dope!” – Raphael Coppola

“‎………. God damm krizz and tech ter it up all the time I’m fN speechless! I love it!” – Marcus Vigil

“this is so good it hurts!” – Dusan Jerinic

“THAT S F***KİNG AWESOME” – Oğuzhan Çalışkan

“LOL who was that random guy towards the end during spaz?” – Michael Grendel McElroy

“OMG !!!!!!!!!!” – Bza Methode

“Shit is a slumper!!!” – Marcus Mystic Swan

“Made me wanna run and go buy steampunk gear.” – Jesus Minton

“best single of the cd so far” – Brian Hall

“It’s a SPAZ!!! Dope !!! Crack!! Heroin!! just flat out BOSS SHIT !!! GENIUS !!! Kali BABY !!!” – Michael Perry

“Fucking incredible. I’ve always said Kali had more potential than Tech, and that’s saying a LOT. Krizz will always be my favorite artist.” – Marc Andrew LeBlanc

“Fuckin love, its all Strange baby.. Yada da mean..” – Julian Quinones

“My new runnin jam!!!” – Stacey Stanley

“I liked techs goggles, those make him look even crazier.” – Jordan Templeton

“This is forreal my favorite!! I cant explain how AWESOME it was..” – Shawn Michaelis

“fucking insane. I can’t fucking believe how hard this track hits. A masterpiece” – Tarik Atassi

“it’s fucking awesome” – Garrett Joe

“Shits fuckin badass man!” – Cierra Hinkle

“THAT KRIZZ CRAY” – Michael Martin

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