‘A Dangerous Combination Of Brutish and Informed…” – AllMusic ‘Paranormal’ Review

May 31 2012

All Music Reviews Prozak - Paranormal

A “tortured soul” he may be, but he fits in perfectly with the Strange Music movement.

David Jeffries of allmusic.com ranks Prozak’s “theatrical and dark” Paranormal high in his review. The newly released album, which gives off a serious vibe, features songs ranging from hip-hop to rock influenced and doesn’t leave much to be desired. Jeffries writes:

“Productions bounce between hip-hop (mostly Mobb Deep dark) and rock-rap (crunchy and compressed) before the final quarter of the album offers a series of soul-searching, guitar-strumming tracks, interrupted only by the excellent ‘Full Moon’, […] Shuffle those dour power ballads back into the album and Paranormal is a worthy soundtrack for anytime you feel sour as hell. “

Life can’t always be bright and sunny. If you’re having a rainy day out there, Strangers, this is your man!

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