Bloody Disgusting Premieres Prozak’s ‘Wake Up You’re Dead’ Music Video From ‘Paranormal’

May 8 2012

Prozak strips away all the plush settings of a music video set and throws viewers straight into a volatile mix of moshpits and hardcore music for “Wake Up You’re Dead”.

Prozak - 'Wake Up You're Dead"The latest music video from Paranormal, “Wake Up You’re Dead” received its world premiere on the popular horror site,

Filmed at the Gathering Of The Juggalos, “Wake Up You’re Dead” puts cameras right in the middle of the action as a sea of fans crowd surf, mosh, and pump their fists to Prozak’s live performance.

Even the infamous “wall of death” makes an appearance in the gritty and downright rugged music video. Don’t stand too close or you might find yourself in the pit! also sat down with Prozak for an exclusive interview regarding Paranormal and the music videos attached to the album. Speaking on the concepts for every music video, Prozak explained his process:

“As the director of these videos, I wanted to represent each song with the visuals that came to my head while writing the lyrics. The videos are def wildly different from each-other, I believe that is because the songs vary so much. Myself and my right hand in video production (Adam Eugenio) went all out shooting these videos. Extreme cold shoots, gorilla style production.. Wanting to bring the realism to the screen. We are extremely proud of the reactions and success of these 7 music videos.”

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