‘Nothing BUT Substance…’ Rap Reviews Rates Prozak’s ‘Paranormal’

May 30 2012

Prozak - Paranormal rapreviews

Recently following an exclusive interview with Rap Reviews, Prozak’s new album Paranormal finally got the critique treatment from Steve “Flash” Juon at rapreviews.com.

Steve had nothing but accolades for the rapper, dubbing Prozak to be too good for the “horrorcore” genre and even going so far to say that comparing him to Tech N9ne wou
ld be both a compliment and an understatement. Steve states that Paranormal features a full compilation of styles with the rock influences of Sid Wilson from Slipknot on “End of Us” to Prozak’s potential to “reinvent hip-hop” with songs that are reminiscent of “Judgement Night”. Of course there’s the dark undertones throughout the album, but Steve writes:

Even though Pro’s theme is darkness and gloom, the song is so energetic that jumping in a mosh pit and throwing caution to the wind sounds like fun. It’s that juxtaposition of death and life intertwined that makes his rhymes so compelling. […] Prozak is both dark AND upbeat. If that sounds impossible, swallow his pill and feel the effects for yourself.

Overall Rap Reviews gave Paranormal an eight out of 10. This review gives a great glimpse into what to look forward to from not only this album, but future works from Prozak in the future.

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