Prozak’s ‘Hate’ Gets Nothing But Love From The Fans [Social]

May 31 2012

Joined by a particularly bizarre cast of characters that included The Pope, terrorists, and gangbangers, Prozak delivered the official “Hate” music video this past week and despite the name, fans are absolutely loving it.

Fans React To Prozak's "Hate" Music VideoThe brand new video first premiered courtesy of FEARnet and features Prozak inside a church while the varying cast of presumed villains takes turns at the piano behind him.

Simple and yet very odd, the music video was a perfect example of Prozak’s creativity and unorthodox approach to film.

As the latest music video from Prozak’s critically acclaimed Paranormal, “Hate” has most definitely caught the attention of fans all over the web.

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Check out what fans on the web had to say!

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“That was a dope video for that song. STRANGE all day all night” – colt450011

“O no! this song is stuck in my head :)” – 1111111fuzzy

“This song is motherfuckin’ poppin'” – XIVjdiddyVIX

“Prozak is a great artist and has a wide open mind when it comes to music, videos, anything.” – HugeGuy8

“I fucking love this damn song good job Prozak MMFWCL” – kaji520

“awesome video” – killasledge

“This video is fucked up but its awesome” – itsedgzio

“Pope, cult leader. Makes sense to me!” – xAIRxBEARx

“Wow this is the first time I hear this song and I think it’s my new favorite one, dope beat, good flow, sterling lyrics, music vid is just pertinent. I feel this, Paranormal needs to b recognized” – KillahCalih

“This video is like mad full of subliminal messages…awsome creativity. thats why i love all strange artists. so creative.” – GoodeFilms1

“Hmmm interesting. Same number of candles on top of the piano as there are different players.” – MonsterKing1982

“Haha awesome video i like the way they symbolized the different forms of hate” – Mikhell789

“Loved the video! Prozak good job mayne it reminds me of a track from Tales From The Sick” keep it up dude!” – rnglnglable

“Prozak is seriously one of my favorite Hip Hop artist, awesome lyrics that has a very good meaning. And he’s voice is very different from other voices, he’s awesome! Awesome video as well.” – elotionKING

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