‘I Was There’ – Fans React To Prozak’s ‘Wake Up You’re Dead’ Music Video [Social]

May 11 2012

Prozak’s “Wake Up You’re Dead” turned the cameras loose on a wild crowd during the Gathering Of The Juggalos and let the fans be the stars of the video.

Fans React To Prozak "Wake Up You're Dead"First premiered by Bloody-Disgusting.com, the hardcore track from Paranormal received an official music video and gave viewers an up close and personal look at what Prozak’s live performances are all about.

From moshing to crowd surfing, the huge mass of people gathered in front of the cameras put on an action packed display of rowdiness fit for a heavy metal show. With fans everywhere trying to find themselves on camera, Prozak’s latest visual is for the people by the people.

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Check out what fans on the web had to say!

Prozak On YouTube


Piggy shorts up in this bitch!!!! I love seeing familiar faces up in these crowd shots!!! Gatherin 2011=fuckin history. Be proud to say: I was all up n that bitch!”

“the last verse is bad ass song and video”

“A beautiful day in history 🙂 I was there <3”

“been waiting on this shit since they shot this mother fucker thumbs up if u found yourself in the crowd”

“nice I was at this show at the gathering”

“I was at the Gotj set when you filmed that. Been waiting for the vid ever since”

“damn that is fucking awesome homie WHOOP WHOOP”

“The beat ROCKS !”

“the whole album is fucking sick”

“Well just when I thought you couldn’t get any better you give me a beast ass vid , and the main song I love slumpin in my truck “

“Fucking incredible, your new work is mind blowing Prozak, view number 49 in this bitch!”


“beast as fuck”


Prozak On Facebook

“Dam this shit was so fucking awesome at the gathering,,,great video yo!” – Holly Bryson

“great video and the album is the shit from begining to the end whoop whoop” – Josh Brandt

“Fuck yeah I’m all up in this video whoop whoop let’s do it again !!!!! I love the gotj” – Russell Claggett

“Prozak needs his own band,he rocks the hell out of whole rap/rock thing !!!!” – Tyler Schoemaker

“bunch of kids got knocked out in this vid!!!!! ill!!” – Cleric Heavens Heathen

“Hell yeah im in this mosh pit” – Kyle Bruff

Ya that was the Shit! Was up in there somewhere, ready for august! Mmfcl” – Troy Gilbert

” been listening all day” – Renee Walker

“Gives me the Fucken Chilllllsssss” – Amy Royal

“Dope video. It was a dope show as well. hope to see you at gotj 2012” – Legally Insane

“I was there! Haha awesome :)” – Victoria Speed

“Oh yeah, a kickass song from a kickass artist promoted by an even more kickass artist. Mmfwcl to all the fam.” – John Hargis

“hell ya i was there when they filmed that. WHOOP WHOOP!” – Patrick Berry

” I was this show at the gathering first time see in prozak shit was tight as fuck” – Kyle DeJohn

“Hell yeah, I was at the gathering for this shit. Sic as fuck!” – Ian Kinney

“That mosh pit looks fucking awesome” – Brad Craycraft

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