‘Bonafide Banger!’ – Fans Turn It Up With Stevie Stone’s ‘808 Bendin’ Featuring Tech N9ne [Social]

May 18 2012

Turn up the volume and watch out because Stevie Stone’s first official single from Rollin’ Stone has arrived and it’s a banger!

In anticipation of Stevie Stone’s Strange Music debut, XXLMag.com world premiered the heavy-hitting “808 Bendin” featuring Tech N9ne. Just as the name implies, “808 Bendin” features some potent 808 drum production with Stevie Stone and Tech N9ne ripping through two rugged verses.

The brand new track lives up to Stevie Stone’s reputation for dropping monstrous hits and is a prime cut from what is sure to be one of the summer’s hottest releases. Fans on the web are rallying behind Stevie Stone as “808 Bendin” destroys speakers everywhere.

“808 Bendin” may just be the banger to end all bangers.

Tech N9ne Presents Stevie Stone - Rollin' Stone

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Check out what fans on the web are saying about “808 Bendin”!

Stevie Stone On Faceboo

“shits Fire! HIMMI HYME” – Brenden Diztraught Davis

“banger!!” – Thomas Burnett

“Banger. What I love about Stevie’s best stuff is 1. Beat bangs 2. That dope voice is THE FEATURE. Looking forward to the album and the show.” – Matthew Boyd

“hell yeah HIMMI!!!” – Korey Kogan

“Banging!” – Billy Joe Wilson

“shit goes hard STONE” – Derek J Hoober

“Just waitin for the album now” – Crystal Morris

“Its fiya Stevie keep doing what u do.” – Justin Murray

“Dope. Can’t wait for the CD!!” – A-Town Mob

“Fucking Sic… STRANGE all day, all night!!!!!!!!” – Spencer Mason

“Ill as fuck, Stevie.” – Nicholas Hatley

“Shit is dope. Got big momentum. Will rock clubs, crowds and make a fool speed when they drivin’.” – Phillip Holley

“no one got a sound like you stone!!!! now get yo behind to Belgium with strange!!” – Mike Driessen

“Soo fuckin dope man can’t wait to hear the rest of the album” – Josh Smith

“Dope!! I’m trying to hear it slap in the trunk….. Yaddahh” – Timothy Hozjan

“New favourite song!” – Matt Reaume

“Midwest invasion your the shit Stevie Stone !” – Jeremy Garcia

“That shit be 808 bendin!” – Jeffrey Boatman

“Found it and its a banger. The beats off the hook.” – Derrick Turner

“SUCH A SICK SONG! cant wait for the album!” – Kristjan Robbescheuten

Stevie Stone On Twitter

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