‘It’s An Honor’ – Killa C On Opening For Hostile Takeover 2012 In Billings, Montana [Strange Music Exclusive]

May 21 2012

Tonight, May 21, is a special reunion for Tech N9ne, Strange Music and one of their biggest supporters, Killa C, as he opens up for the Hostile Takeover 2012 in Billings, Montana at the Al Bedoo Shrine Auditorium.

We caught up with Killa C to get his thoughts on the proceedings.

How does it feel to be opening up on the biggest tour in hip hop history?

It’s an honor and a blessing. Every time I get the opportunity to work with Strange, I get ecstatic. The fact of the matter is that this is history in the making—that’s awesome.

How far back does your affiliation go with Strange Music?

Oh wow, since “Die”. That was the first track I did with Tech, way back in ’03, and it’s been on like Donkey Kong ever since.

What can you tell us about Tech N9ne as an artist and a person?

What can I tell you about Tech as an artist that you don’t already know? I mean really, come on now, he is the greatest rapper alive—period. As a person, Tech has always made me feel like a brother to him. I love that dude – no homo.

For people who don’t know who you are, why should they come and check out your show?

I learned from the best. What is unique about my work is that I wear my life transitions on my sleeve. What I’ve been through, where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m going are all simultaneous invitations within my music – it’s a blueprint to the journey of my life.

For the fans of Killa C, will you be pulling out any surprises during the set?

Yes, full frontal nudity. Or not. Probably not.

What upcoming projects do you have in the works?

I am enjoying the success of War Stories while the next chapter of my life unfolds, when I have it, so will you.

Where can people go to check you out?

Peep all 13 videos from my latest album, War Stories, at www.youtube.com/DirtyThugRecordz.

Anything you want to say to the fans that will be coming to the show?

Come see the roller coaster and stay for Tech N9ne!

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