SM Live – Last Round Of Prank Calls This Week!

May 3 2012

The last two weeks of SM Live would make the Jerky Boys proud, as we have made some legendary prank calls on the air during the show. We’re going to continue the streak for ONE MORE week but in order to go out with a bang we need your help!

Gathering info about the prank call victims has been eating up too much air time so let’s streamline the process. We need YOU to write us the people that you need us to prank at smlive @!

Make sure you include:

  • Your name and phone number (so we can quickly locate you in case you call in to the episode)
  • The victim’s name and phone number (well…yeah)
  • Info about the victim as possible: Where they work, age, where they live. This helps us personalize it!
  • The Prank: How should we prank them? Be as detailed as possible! If you want to leave it up to Makzilla just say so.

Send your submissions to smlive @ and we’ll gather them up for our next episode this Friday!

Here are the two pranks we’ve done so far. Warning: NSFW!


Makzilla Prank