‘If I Were President’ – David Banner On Policies And Cabinet Choices Including Tech N9ne

May 18 2012

David Banner On Presidency, Policies, And Cabinet Choices Including Tech N9ne

Currently on an independent campaign for his Sex, Drugs, And Video Games album, David Banner is taking the power of music back to the people.

Inspired by Banner’s hip hop campaign, HipHopDX recently sat down with the Mississippi native and asked him to share what it would be like to live under his administration and why Tech N9ne would make a perfect Chief Of Staff.

Among various issues like healthcare, corporate lobbying, and immigration, David Banner also discussed his choices for a cabinet. Decorated with names like Sway Calloway and Samuel L. Jackson, David Banner’s picks got even more interesting when he explained why Tech N9ne would be his top candidate for Chief Of Staff:

“His ability to put together a system and implement that system regardless of what the circumstances are. For him to be able to put together a system, hold that system together and allow it to translate and continue to run regardless of whether it’s major or independent is really important. I would probably say Tech N9ne.”

With a new indie hustle, David Banner may just be looking to follow in Tech N9ne’s footsteps on the road to reach new listeners.

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