‘Psycho Bitch III’ – What’s Next? [Discussion]

May 25 2012

Tech N9ne - "Psycho Bitch III" Discussion

Using a sample of John Carpenter’s “Halloween Theme”, Tech N9ne created one of his most memorable tracks on Anghellic and forever gave men an anthem to dedicate to all of their crazed experiences with the opposite sex. In 2008, Tech went back for a second round and pulled off an even more terrifying tale of separation anxiety.

With “Psycho Bitch” and “Psycho Bitch II” already in the bag, where does Tech go for the cap off on the trilogy?

Tech N9ne - Anghellic

To longtime fans of Tech N9ne, “Psycho Bitch” is nothing less than a Strange Music classic. The original music was produced by Don Juan and borrowed its influence from John Carpenter’s sinister piano melody first heard in Halloween. As if lyrics about chopping off male appendages weren’t scary enough, the sped-up sounds of the “Halloween Theme” definitely had listeners’ hearts racing.

Tech N9ne - "Killer"

For his Killer double album, Tech penned an official sequel and enlisted the chopper skills of Liquid Assassin as they traded verses about some of their more bizarre experiences with love-struck ladies. This time, Rob Rebeck took the helm and infused “Psycho Bitch II” with samples taken from Phantom Of The Opera. The result? An even bigger sound than the original that lived up to hype.

Following the success of both tracks, it would seem only right to end the trilogy with a bang. Last year, Tech had fans buzzing as he hinted at possibly doing a third installment. Having already sampled Halloween and Phantom Of The Opera, where does Tech go for the grand finale?

Horror Movies For "Psycho Bitch III"?

A recent discussion on TheRealTechN9ne.com has fans tackling the big question as they offer up their suggestions for new horror films to sample. From Friday The 13th to SAW, fans are looking to some of the biggest franchises in horror for Tech N9ne’s “Psycho Bitch” ending.

Looking to release a brand new album later this year, Tech N9ne could find himself revisiting his psycho encounters for what may be the best “Psycho Bitch” track of all. An admitted fan of horror films, perhaps Tech already has a few surprises in mind.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music (@VicMSandoval)

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