‘It Gave Me The Platform To Call Anybody Out’ – Tech N9ne Speaks On His Verse For Prozak’s ‘Enemy’ [Strange Music Exclusive]

May 7 2012

Tech Speaks On "Enemy"

Prozak’s “Enemy” from his album, Paranormal, gave listeners everywhere an anthem to point at their detractors and declare, “You’re my enemy!”

For Tech N9ne, “Enemy” presented an opportunity to address several issues that have been weighing heavily on his mind. From accusations of theft to criticism over his choice of words, Tech N9ne took all of his aggression out on his verse for “Enemy” and called out the individuals attacking his artform.

In this exclusive interview, Tech N9ne explains what inspired his full throttle verse on “Enemy” and shed some light on why he feels so disrespected.

Well…Prozak, rock driven track, man. It pushed me to want to be way more aggressive on it. I even start it off with “Pussy!” I’m calling a motherfucker pussy off top. That’s just how I felt. I just felt totally disrespected by the people on Twitter talking about how I stole something, I’m a thief. It’s just been fucking with me like, how could they even make accusations that, the innovator that I am, that I would steal anything when I pride myself on being original?

That track took me straight there. It’s talking about everybody who ever said anything negative. It gave me a platform to call anybody out that ever said anything negative about my positive movement. What I mean about positive is that I could be doing something way negative, like gang banging like we did in the past and killing motherfuckers, but instead I’m killing motherfuckers lyrically and I’m doing beautiful music. I have a song called “Beautiful Music” and it’s so beautiful. I do it every night. For somebody to listen to listen to “Unfair”, the verse on “Unfair” and to say that I bit that from somebody. And you’ve never heard that before. Nobody’s ever heard that. I’ve never heard it in hip hop and I’m a hip hop connoisseur. For somebody to fix their mouth and say “Tech is biting something” “Tech took that from so and so”, that’s just them trying to make themselves feel better about their whack ass shit.

But “Enemy” gave me the platform to speak to all them motherfuckers who doubt, all them motherfuckers who listen to “Who Do I Catch” and say something negative. All them motherfuckers that can listen to “Come Gangsta” and say something negative. Motherfuckers say that I took titles and shit from them when my world is so fucking turned upside-down from my mom being sick and other financial things going in my life, with the people around me that need me so much, that I can even pay attention to anything outside of what I’m doing, my music, let alone someone else’s fucking music, for a motherfucker to fix they’re mouth and say that I took something? That’s what “Enemy” gave me, the platform to say it, and that’s why I’m glad we shot a video. You can see the intensity in my face. I mean that shit. I say “I’m finnicky about being around new motherfuckers because you’re my enemy!” I end it hard you know what I’m saying? I don’t trust none of you motherfuckers. I love being able to spill my emotions onto the paper, into the mic, onto the tape, onto the CD, into the ears of everybody, you know what I’m saying? They get to hear me.

“I’m a thirsty killer, and I’m quick to jerk these stealers. But you cannot hurt me skriller when I think like Percy Miller.” That’s a shout out to Master P. You can’t hurt my money when I think like Master P! Nigga I got a lot of it, you’ve got me fucked up! Somebody said on Twitter “I hate when Tech says lines like ‘You cannot hurt me skriller when I think like Percy Miller.'” Nigga that’s an important line! That’s me plotting on your bitch ass! A lot of motherfuckers don’t understand that Kansas City is connected to the Bay. Some of the lingo we have comes from E-4o. “Skriller, or ‘you know what I’m sizzlin?'” is all Bay Area Shit. Yeah I’m from Kansas City, but somehow Kansas City and The Bay has been connected for years, so when you say something like “Aww I hate when he says stuff like ‘You cannot hurt me skriller when I think like Percy Miller.'” Nigga think about the line! I dont’ expect everybody to like everything I do but bow down to something wonderful. I do! When I write that shit I’m like “Whoa!” I gotta sit down for a minute after I wrote “Worldwide Choppers”. When motherfuckers on Twitter talking about “This is the pinnacle, Tech by no means is the pinnacle of hip hop” I said “THIS is the pinnacle.” “Worldwide Choppers” is the pinnacle of speedy rap that I know. Out of all these niggas I don’t know nobody that can do it as CLEAR, FUCK being faster motherfucker, can you do it as fast and be clear. This is the pinnacle to me. I didn’t say I’m the pinnacle of hip hop. If people say that, that’s a compliment. Keep your fucking comments to yourself nigga.

Shit like that, that’s why “Enemy” was important to me, because I got to spit it for everybody that ever said anything negative about what I worked so hard to give, and I tried my damndest to give something original and exciting all the time. I don’t take from nobody and if I did it was from the old schoolers motherfucker: Public Enemy, NWA, Boogie Down Productions, Mantronic, Slick Rick, Run DMC, LL Cool J motherfucker. Davy D motherfucker. Busy Bee motherfucker. Half of these motherfuckers that said I bit something don’t even got no history like that…FUCK YOU, you’re my enemy.

-Interview conducted by Jeff Nelson, Senior Blog Editor
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