‘Greatly Appreciated’ – Fans And Troops React To ‘The Noose’ Music Video [Social]

May 30 2012

Fans React To Tech N9ne's "The Noose" Featuring Mayday

Tech N9ne’s ode to the brave men and women in the armed forces finally saw the release of its official music video as “The Noose” featuring ¡MAYDAY! was released over Memorial Day weekend.

Stripped down to nothing more than Tech N9ne, Wrek, and Bernz surrounded by the shadows, “The Noose” captured the somber and emotional tone etched into listeners’ minds on Welcome To Strangeland. Complete with an opening dedication to the troops from Tech N9ne himself, “The Noose” truly paid tribute to the troops and their plight on and off the battlefield.

Following the premiere, fans all around the web began sharing their take on the video, with many even taking the time to thank Tech and ¡MAYDAY! The most touching reaction though, came directly from the troops as many men and women with military experience came forward to show their gratitude to Tech N9ne for “The Noose”.

More than just another sad song, “The Noose” has proven to be a significant piece of music that continues to mend the broken hearts of people everywhere.

Check out what fans on the web had to say!

Tech N9ne On Twitter

“As a Marine I thank Tech N9ne for the song ‘The Noose’ it hits it on the head after I got back from afghan. Thank you for puting it in a song that lets me know that you have a good idea what it is like. Been a big fan for about 10 years or so. Just gotta say thank you.” – Ronnie Candler

“I can’t express how much I LOVE this song. Definitely my favorite!” – Ashley Woodward

“Video is awesome. Thanks for this song tech n mayday. #keepin it strange all day#” – Tiana Greves

“for those who served…thank you!'” – Bryanz Lovato

“I love this song! Seeing it live was amazing. 5-26-08 I lost a friend in Afghanistan so it means a lot to me. He was only 21 when he died.” – Irina Howard

“that’s just amazing tech… really… people should just learn from you and your art…” – Radek Was

“Beautiful song” – Landon Milam

“Tech N9ne that was an awesome song. Lots of respect man. I just finished a term in the Marines so I really feel you on this one.” – James Johnson

“Hey Hearin this at your concert the other week was real. Thanks Tech and Mayday, and our troops.” – Zachary Petersen

“Thank you to all the troops hope every single one of you can make it home safely…….” – Jason Devries

“loved it that song really gets to me.” – Clinton McElwain

“Thank you for thinking of the troops. Great respect.” – Hollie A Veurink

“I love when raw emotions come out in music. This song embodies that, embraces a feeling and a mindset that a lot of artist don’t touch on enough. Big ups to Tech & MayDay for this joint! Definitely going to the top of my playlist!” – Malcolm Kruchten

“It actually gave me goosebumps when first listening, and now, again.” – Nicholas Hatley

“This song gives me chills, man. it’s beautiful.” – Monica Scharf

“As a OIF vet, thank you for supporting troops,much respect.” – Phillip Boyd

“Man yall hit that nail right on the head! That record should go viral worldwide! Being a family member of those who served and still do man i just want to say thank you for goin over their and showin out for those men and women. That hit should be one of your famous free downloads! Keep rockin out tech! @strangemusic” – Robert LilBobby Mandell

“Tech I’ve been on your music for a long time. As a deployed soldier I used Strange Music in crazy timez to push me futher thanks.” – Chris Kinder

“Hey Tech… You may or may not see this but I’m sure someone will… As a Vet of this country… I want to thank you for the recognition… It is greatly appreciated.” – Walter Ross

Tech N9ne On Facebook

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