‘Prometheus’ Explained And Discussed With Ubiquitous of CES Cru [Strange Music Exclusive]

Jun 15 2012

It seems to have been ages since a movie has caused as much buzz and conversation as director Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

Set as a prequel to the 1979 classic Alien, Prometheus performed the stunning feat of leaving audiences with more questions than answers, causing endless debates amongst moviegoers everywhere, one of them being Ubiquitous of the Strange Music rap duo CES Cru.

We talked to Ubiquitous and gathered his insight into the movie, which he highly recommends to those who haven’t seen it. If you haven’t seen Prometheus, beware of the spoilers below.

However, if you’re like many of us and want to get to the bottom of the film’s meaning and events, this is a good place to start.

What did you think of Prometheus?

It was amazing. I saw it in 3-D. Did you see it in 3-D?


With that said, 3-D…whatever…blah blah blah, flashy tricks, Avatar shit – whatever, but there was one particular portion of the movie that I don’t exactly want to give away but I don’t know if you remember it but the visuals felt like a grid of dots or something to represent a hologram or something. The movie was shot in this state for a couple of minutes. I’ve never seen any shit like that in my life. That shit was blowing my mind, and that’s just on the visual, eye-candy part of it.

As far as the story and the plot and how it came together, and beautifully acted, the ambiance and aesthetic of the movie was flawless. Believable you know? it felt like 2093. You know how sometimes you jump into the future and and there’s some outlandish fucking invention that you’re like “Yeah right.” You know what I mean? The technology was believable. I thought that was cool. I thought they didn’t overstep it because with the way you can make movies these days you can just make anything – you can CG anything onto the screen. So, it was just really well done. As far as the connecton to the Alien movies, I don’t know. I’ve heard a little debate about this. What have you heard about it? I’ve heard it is, I’ve heard it isn’t.

Weyland and Weyland-Yutani CorporationsSupposedly when Ridley Scott was in pre=production, he outright said that it was going to be an Alien prequel. So it is, and if you look at the coporation, the Weyland corporation in Prometheus, in Alien 3 it was called the Weyland-Yutani corporation so just from that fact alone it is the same universe.

Yeah, absolutely. The criticisms I’ve heard is that he’s not willing to fully own the universe but not willing to fully divorce it, or something like this. Because people will attack him and say “This is not true to the series, how can you explain this?” and he’s like “Well, it’s not the Alien universe but it’s got some Alien DNA in it, or something like that.” Which to me sounds like a bunch of malarkey. I think it’s a genius marketing ploy. For me myself, until last night, there were only stirrings and rumors but I wasn’t sure, I heard that it was connected to the Alien movies, I heard it wasn’t. I had heard everything so once I got there and was in line for my ticket. The box office person was like “Oh yeah…it’s a prequel.” and I immediately got excited. I was like “Oh boy.”

You saw at the end though how the xenomorph creature popped out of that Engineer at the end. Maybe that’s the queen? I don’t know.

You think it’s the queen?

Aliens "Queen"

I have no idea for sure but I suspect. But have you seen the first Alien?

I’ve seen them all. Yep.

There’s that scene where the guy first walks into the spaceship which does look like the one that took off towards the end of Prometheus, shaped in a wishbone, and they see what the filmmakers refer to as the “Space Jockey”, that guy who’s in that chair and he’s really huge and fossilized. That was never explained. Do you remember that?

Yeah, I kind of remember that. Was he the same likeness as the Engineers? What is it?

Alien - "Space Jockey"He was. Ridley Scott wants to tell the backstory to that, because that was something that was not explained in the original movie. It was always like “What is that?” and there were just a bunch of eggs and then you totally forgot about the big guy in the chair.

Yeah, they do get away from that!

Ridley says he wants to bring it full-circle. The guy is 74 years old though so hopefully he gets that opportunity. The ending leaves it completely open for a sequel.

Yeah, totally. There has to be a sequel. It’s almost like there’s an in-between movie in there because I guess you could have the Alien crew come and investigate the Prometheus crew, but the story you really want to know is “Where is she going?”

I think that’s it because the planet that the Prometheus crew went to was not LV-426, which was the planet that they went to in Alien, so I suspect that it could be where they end up in the next movie.

Right, right, right.

What do you think about the buzz surrounding the movie? I mean everybody is having this discussion we’re having right now. What do you think it says about the movie?

Well I just think that, thank Ridley Scott for breathing life into the franchise with the Alien VS Predator debacle, which I saw – I love ’em. I love all of this shit. I see it anyways but I recognize that it taints the universe a little bit with the intellectual side of Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, all that, whatever Alien 4 (Alien Resurrection). The science fiction side man. Some of that got lost in these Alien Vs. Predator movies that felt like horror movies where they replaced Michael Myers with a fucking Alien or whatever and that didn’t speak enough to the culture of the movie. So anyways I just felt like that this was more story-based. This was less about the horrifying side of it or suspense or anything like that. He was really telling a story, so that’s beautiful. I think that was a great direction to take the franchise in and even if Ridley Scott doesn’t get to make a Prometheus sequel or whatever I’m sure that there’ll be more Alien movies and hopefully they can take notes from him the same way that they fixed Batman with doing the Dark Knight stuff.

Why do you think people should see this movie?

I mean definitely see it. The person I saw it with hadn’t seen any of the Alien movies, still enjoyed it very much. I didn’t have to like whisper in anything in her ear to explain what the fuck was going on, you know? I think there was some stuff that they may have enjoyed slightly less by not seeing those movies, but I don’t know, I just think that’s it a great movie. It’s a stand-alone movie. You don’t even need the other movies. It’s just a good film. It’s well-acted – you know, Guy Pearce is great. And it did have my jaw on the floor. There were some shocking moments in the movie that were just like “Oh!..OH!” like “Whoa!” Pretty hardcore man. I was super thankful. What a great movie.

– Interview conducted by Jeff Nelson, Strange Music Blog Editor

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