Krizz Kaliko ‘Unstable’ Music Video [Video]

Jun 1 2012

Krizz Kaliko "Unstable" Music Video

Krizz Kaliko seeks out help, but finds himself in a world all alone in the official music video for “Unstable” from Kickin’ & Screamin.

“Unstable” marks the return of #KaliFridays and is without a doubt one of the most stirring visuals from Kickin’ & Screamin’ yet. Walking a solitary path, Krizz Kaliko desperately reaches out for a solution that he can’t overcome on his own.

Watch as Krizz Kaliko runs from the world, turns to an empty beach-side, and finally attempts to make sense of it all in the middle of a Prozak moshpit. Krizz Kaliko may close out everything around him, but he won’t be alone in appreciating the inspired take on this music video.


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