‘One Of My Favorites’ – Fans Tune In For The Return Of #KaliFridays With ‘Unstable’ [Social]

Jun 1 2012

Fans Rave About Krizz Kaliko's "Unstable" Music Video

Krizz Kaliko took over yet another Friday as #KaliFridays returned to the web with the release of the “Unstable” music video from Kickin’ & Screamin‘.

The brand new video gave some profound visuals to one of the most popular tracks from his latest release. With cameos from ¡MAYDAY! and Prozak, “Unstable” focused in on Krizz Kaliko’s inner-most thoughts and found the emcee truly alone.

Fans who first connected with “Unstable” through Kickin’ & Screamin‘ immediately took to the web to thank Krizz Kaliko for giving the track an official place among #KaliFridays.

#KaliFridays are back!

Check out what fans on the web had to say!

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“Best song I’ve heard from Kali yet. Dude just keeps getting better and better.” – Jesse Metzger

“I feel this song bad!…..so unstable!” – TroubleChild DaWeirdo

“LIKE A BOSS….. seriously that was epicly great.” – Majid Rayes

“This song, “Hello Walls” and…..”Kali Baby”! top three songs!” – Richard Reinneck

“This track sums me up today!! ‘UK Love♥♥'” – Amy Andrews

“Incredible!!!best Kali song!!” – Markus Lucas

Kali Baby Ah Huh! This is one my favorite tracks on the album. This man never ceases to amaze!” – mark Jeffers Moraga

“One of the best fuckin songs ever!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeee” – Dimitri Metos

Finally my favorite song is a video thank you sir.” – James Dunn

“Love this shit, Fridays are just a little better!” – Anthony Green

“One of my favorites off the album, good video.” – Dustin Dubzie Shepherd

“Omg I was looking 4 the video on youtube yesterday!! That’s my fav tune off the album!” – Andrea Ventura

“That was sick! I was at the show that the moshpit was filmed at in ventura!” – Chris Martinez

Best song on the album” – Brendan Smith

“Best song on the album hands down; dont get me wrong the album is overall 5 stars!” – Cory Snapp

“Great fucking song. It sounds like my life right now.”– Chris Knee

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