'Killed It!' – Fans Show Love For Stevie Stone's 'Perfect Stranger' Music Video [Social]

Jun 15 2012

On “Perfect Stranger”, Stevie Stone took a look back at the road that led him to Strange Music and thanked the fans for embracing him the way they have. Soon after the release of the music video, the fans gave the love right back.

The latest video from Rollin’ Stone is everything that Stevie Stone is about. After years of performing with Tech N9ne and learning the ropes to the indie game, Stevie Stone finally inked with Strange Music and took to the crowds by connecting with fans everywhere.

“Perfect Stranger” is the end result of all of those years spent with the Strange Music community and now, the fans are standing behind Stevie Stone as his Strange Music debut sends one message: “I’m home.”


Check out what fans on the web had to say!

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“He is the perfection! love the song, video too!” – Ilija Petrovic

“HELLZ YEAH ♥ of course he’s the perfect STRANGER! 😉” – Lilia Rodriguez

“Hes a most deff perfect strange music stranger” – Aaron Hernandez

“Sick. Period. I’m buying the cd at midnight.” – Steven Carosello

“Fuck yea he is tech! Bro listen… Next to you… Honestly he has it… I eat sleep breath you tech.. But this DOG! Is gonna get god status with you! Later” – Zac Wilde

“Yeeeeee Stevie stone is fucking bomb he dope he strange for real !!!!” – Kyle Thorne

“That whole album is brilliant!!” – Mike Farr

“Hell yeah this shit is fresh as hell its always good to see a new strange face” – Stephen Mcmahan

“Thats why the general signed him…stones untouchable” – Jessica Watson

“Hell yeaaaaaa Stevie Stone is the truth”– Jesse Block

Nothing but the fuckin best comes from Strange Music all day ….technician awooo awooo awooo” – Ryan Licon

“That’s what Strange Music does.” – John Wagner

“This album is INCREDIBLE! A genuine classic. A masterpiece. Himmi mothafuckin HYME!!! TEAM STONE in this bitch. HIMMI!!!!” – D.J. Dresen

“Hell yeah Stevie Stone is the shit changing the rap game” – Luis Teixeira Jr.

“Luvin this track” – Bryan Donaghy

“I just got your album this shit fucking bumps hard. TEAM STONE!! HIMMI HYME” – Chase Black

“I’m a stranger; You’re a stranger; We’re all strangers” – Alyssa Valdez Gonzales

“You’re the perfect stranger” – Brandon Orman

“Thanks Stone great song” – Damir Samir

“Stone always knocks me off of ma feet!!! much love from Belgium! HIMMI” – Mike Driessen

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