What’s The 2012 Strange Music Anthem? – Fans Sound Off [Social]

Jun 25 2012

The year isn’t quite over, but that hasn’t kept fans from praising 2012’s Strange Music releases as some of the best to ever carry the Snake and Bat stamp.

Beginning with Tech N9ne’s KLUSTERFUK all the way to Stevie Stone’s Rollin’ Stone, Strange Music has dropped everything from EPs to mixtapes in 2012 and along the way has defined one of its best years in music. Smash hits like Krizz Kaliko’s “Kill Shit” and Stevie Stone’s “808 Bendin” have shown to be clear favorites, not to mention the support for tracks like “Badlands” from !MAYDAY! or the aggressive “Enemy” from Prozak.

While it might be a difficult thing to pick just one, we recently asked the Strange Music audience to choose one track they believe to be the 2012 Strange Music anthem.

Believe it or not, the choices weren’t so obvious. Check out what fans had to say below!

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“‘Perfect Stranger” – Jacob Ryan Ragsdale

“808 Bendin'” – Mike Sharpe

“Blur!!!!!” – Alex Johnson

“‘ABU DHABI’ – represents the ever-climbing stature of STRANGE MUSIC” – Chris Mcmillin

“‘Badlands’!” – Tyler C. Stevens

“Spaz!!” – Brett Black

“Definitely ‘Unstable’ or ‘Klusterfuk'” – John Mcgee

“‘Abu Dhabi'” – Scottie D. Daniels

“‘Perfect Stranger’! Stevie Stone” – Nicolette Robinson

“ABU DHABI'”- John Schmelzlen

“‘Full Moon’ by Prozak” – Joseph KM Green

“DKNY” – Mikey LikesIt

“‘Kill Shit'”– Nick Bartley

“Dixie Cup!” – Marcel Clarkson

“‎808 Bendin’” – Angel Pacheco

“Spaz!” – Brianna Dahl

Highs And Lows” – Drew Whitt

“Spaz!!!!!!” – Arturo Hernandez

“‘Badlands’, ‘Klusterfuk’, and/or ‘Everything’s Everything” – Milo Perez

“Kali’s ‘Kill Shit’! Cuz that’s what strange did this year…fuckin killed the underground!” – Nick Gaskill

“‘Created A Monster'” – Shaun Nelson

“‘Hello Walls’, point period.“- Dan Danielson

“‘The Road’ -Stevie Stone” – Lukas Garth Nagel

“‘Strange March’, but Tech needs to throw a verse in.” – Luis Chapa

“‘My Remedy’-because every strange artist says that through hard times their fans and music take the pain away” – Jacob Hatchetman Norton

“‘Keep My Name Out Your Mouth’ Feat Kutt Calhoun” – Chris Ybarra-Martinez

“Can’t Stand Me!!” – Darren Burke

“Krizz Kaliko’s ‘Dixie Cup’! Nothing better then cruising around bumping it through the streets of Utah!” – Scott Stephens

“Enemy (Prozak and Tech)” – Zach Hinshaw

  • What do you think is the 2012 Strange Music anthem?
  • Should songs from late 2011 be eligible?

Let us know in the comments section below!