‘Where’s Mannibalector?’ – Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin Explains [Strange Music Exclusive]

Jun 20 2012

Brotha Lynch Hung

The final piece of Brotha Lynch Hung’s masterful “Coathanga Strangla” album trilogy is still being created, crafted and perfected in Lynch’s dungeon, where he is fine-tuning Mannibalector to be the perfect ending to his monstrous creation.

In our live podcast interview with Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin, he explained what is taking so long behind Mannibalector and what we can expect from it.

What’s been going on with Lynch’s next album? It’s been taking a minute. Have you heard any of it?

Yeah, I’ve heard some of it. Lynch is really taking his time on this album and I think he’s doing it for the right reasons – I really do. I felt like the second album was good, I don’t think it was as great as it could have been if he had more time. So what I’m saying is, giving him enough time to do what he wants to do.

That boy is a lyrical monster so I want to give him the time. He kind of tells a story. His whole album is like a movie. You hear all these skits but they’re there for a reason and it ties each of it together. It’s a part of. The last three videos and the end of this trilogy, it has to be perfect. That’s what is in his head right now. Again, it goes back to not rushing creativity. However, if you don’t have a deadline, you’ll end up doing a fucking Fleetwood Mac and it’ll take two years to record an album. I don’t want to do that. So we are working within a deadline. We do have a tentative release date for this year. Again, it’s not solid, because we don’t have the album totally complete yet, but we’re very very close.

Again, Michael Seven Summers has produced the majority of it. There’s a couple of beats from other people. But he’s done an incredible job of navigating that. And some people are like “Man, Seven produces a lot of stuff on all of your guys’ records.” Yeah, that’s because he’s incredibly dope, and he’s diverse enough to where the shit doesn’t sound alike. If I sat here and played you 10 Seven beats and asked you to tell me which ones were Seven, you might only pick two or three, but all 10 of them he did. He’s that diverse.

But with Lynch, he wants it to be incredible, I want it to be incredible. I know it’s going to be that. I think that he’s really focused on the diversity of his content too. He wants to tell a broader story and have more individual songs that tell their own section of the story. It’s an important album because the last three videos finish the short film that we did. Because what you do is combine all nine of the videos and in the end it creates a small short. That’s a cool thing too so that’s why it’s taking so long.

– Interview conducted by Jeff Nelson, Strange Music Blog Editor

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