Wrekonize Reveals That ‘Everything’s Everything’ Is About The Occupy Wall Street Movement

Jun 27 2012

Occupy Wall Street and Wrekonize

As HipHopDX claimed in their review of ¡MAYDAY!’s groundbreaking album Take Me To Your Leader, “It’s an album that actually means something.”

And there lies ¡MAYDAY!’s greatest trick, delivering music that can make you dance when you want to dance and think when you want to think.

In a recent in-depth interview with HipHopDX, Wrekonize revealed the meaning behind “Everything’s Everything”, arguably the most epic track on Take Me To Your Leader.

What serves as a rollicking closing number for ¡MAYDAY!’s set on the Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour turns out to be much more for the person that pays close attention. As it turns out, the song was written during and about the Occupy movement that scrutinized how Wall Street was getting away with tremendous losses due to little regulation.

Wrekonize states:

We were feeling what these people are feeling. I don’t know if it’s misplaced. I could tell some people were there out of angst. It was like, “Yo, we need to speak on that movement without putting it on a fucking picket sign.” That was it. There’s moments where we see things that are happening in the world where we want to speak for the disenfranchised. We’re very careful to walk that line and not make it a gimmick. There’s a way to do it that sparks people speaking about the thing without jumping on the bandwagon. That was our goal for the songs on the album: speak on the movement without jumping on the bandwagon.

Wrekonize also goes on to talk about his endurance on Hostile Takeover 2012 and shares his thoughts on the the now-infamous Canibus rap battle in which he pulled out a notepad against his opponent. Being a former battle-emcee himself, Wrekonize had plenty to say:

I thought Canibus did okay for the first two rounds. But it definitely felt like his rhyme structure was just hella fucking dated. You could tell by how slow he rhymed, no multis, very simple compared to the rhyme style that’s popular now that Dizaster was totally the hella fucking pinnacle of. In that third round, when [Canibus] reached for the book, it was just embarrassing.

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