‘This Is What I Bring To Hip Hop’ – 20 Minutes With Tech N9ne [Interview]

Jun 21 2012

20 Minutes With Tech N9ne

What would it be like to spend 20 minutes with the #1 independent rapper in the world? Anthony Washington of MetroMontage.com recently found out when he sat down with Tech N9ne for a brand new exclusive interview during his stop in Baltimore, MD.

For 20 minutes, Anthony Washington spoke with Tech N9ne about a number of subjects including his influences, his business acumen, and why it’s important to stay out on the road.

Tech also went on to discuss what he believes he contributes to hip hop, a question currently buzzing thanks to Ice-T’s The Art Of Rap documentary:

“What I realized about hip hop is there are a lot of defense mechanisms. Like, ‘don’t touch me or I’ll fucking kill you’, or ‘keep away from me.’ It sounds like you’re scared and you don’t want your fans to come near you. I am not scared of my fans. I am inside out. What I give is me. All of me. It might embarrass some of my loved ones or hurt them at the same time, but I write my life. No defense mechanisms.

You can put me on Wendy Williams [and] she will never stump me. You can put me on me on Howard Stern and he will never stump me because I have nothing to hide. It’s all out there for my fans to see. You feel like you know me. You do! I gave you my life.

That is what I bring to hip hop.”

The feature also includes some exclusive new photos of Tech N9ne performing in Baltimore during the Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour.

Click here to read the full interview.

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