‘Spittin’ That Sh*t That’ll Make ‘Em All Go Crazy’ – Fan Covers ‘Be Warned’ [Video]

Jun 1 2012

Back in the day (2002) Tech N9ne’s fourth album Celcius was released by a label that wasn’t Strange Music. This album contained many songs recorded by Tech years prior (1999-2000) and even some tracks that didn’t include Tech (WTF?) ANYWAYS, arguably the best track off that album is “Be Warned” – a lightning-fast, take-no-prisoners anthem that most assuredly still stands up today as one of the greatest Tech N9ne tracks ever. What we have here is Izzy0Tony rocking a pretty solid cover of the track – it’s quick and relentless, and Izzy pretty much nails it – bonus points for the Strange Music T-shirt!


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  • How did Izzy do on the cover?

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