‘I Will Never Conform To No Amount Of Money’ – Tech N9ne Says In Interview

Jun 28 2012

Tech N9ne Speaks With Out Of The Blue

Tech N9ne’s illustrious career has made it so the Kansas City King can look back on plenty of memorable highlights that many artists will never experience. On the flipside, it has also provided some low points and in a brand new exclusive interview with Out Of The Blue, Tech N9ne opened up about the struggles he still faces.

Speaking from his tour bus, Tech N9ne sat down with Out Of The Blue for an eye-opening interview that focused on his lengthy career, his favorite moments in music, and the one problem that still seems to follow him:

“I’m still overcoming it, it’s starting to break now, (it’s) my people thinking I’m a devil worshiper because I paint my face and I don’t know how, because I have red spiked hair? They not coming to my shows, but now that BET put me on the cypher and Wayne put me on The Carter 4 and Andre 3000, everyone like, ‘Woah he can rap!’ But I don’t sound like a devil worshiper.”

Tech also went on to share his feelings on the new digital age and opened up about his views on Twitter. Always willing to give more, this interview demonstrates why fans feel so close to Tech N9ne.

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