‘What Prozak Songs Do You Want To See Live On The Mile High Tour?’ – Fans Sound Off [Social]

Jul 20 2012

The Mile High Tour Featuring Prozak

The grind isn’t over for Prozak as he prepares to embark on yet another trek across the country with the Kottonmouth Kings and the Mile High Tour.

Fans who may have missed Prozak live on the Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour will get the opportunity to catch Strange Music’s Paranormal emcee as he smashes stages and fires up moshpits like only he can. With the tour set to kick off soon, we decided to ask fans which of their favorite Prozak tracks they most wanted to see him perform live.

From his early days with Project Deadman to favorites from Tales From The Sick and Paranormal, fans are hoping to catch the very best of Prozak when he hits their city on the Mile High Tour!

Check out what fans had to say below.

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“‘Enemy’, ‘Wake Up You’re Dead” – Nicholas Scott

“‘Line In The Middle'” – Ahmad Abdul

“‘Fun N’ Games’, ‘Holy War’, ‘Wake Up You’re Dead’, ‘Hate’, ‘Turn Back’, ‘Perception Deception’, n’ your verse from ‘Why???’.. that would be sick” – Joey Stanton

“‘Enemy'” – Jed Coulbourne

“‘Run Away’ verse. Boom.” – Stephen Vincent

“‘Until Then, ‘End Of Us’, ‘Enemy’, ‘It Was You’. Come to San Antonio, Texas” – John Garcia

“Until Then’, ‘Bombs Away’, ‘Enemy’, ‘Corporate Genocide’, ‘Insane’, ‘Turn Back’, ‘Million Miles Away’, ‘Keep Grindin’, ‘Holy War’, ‘Alien’, ‘Full Moon’, and ‘Fuck You'” – Ali Baba

“‘American Princess'” – Dan Caldwell

“‘Need Some Help'” – Autumn Ritete

“”American Princess’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Poison’, ‘Alien’, ‘Why???’, ‘Psycho,Psycho,Psycho!’, ‘Bodies Fall’, ‘Million Miles Away’, ‘Keep Grindin”,’Enemy’, ‘Drugs’, ‘Fading’, ‘Access Denied’, ‘Good Enough’, ‘No Rest For The Wicked’, ….fuck man your whole catalog from solo, PDM, and Bedlam, I could watch just you for 3 days straight thanx for being the coolest down to earth artist I ever met everytime you have been in Louisville, KY I have only gained more respect for you but especially would like to hear ‘American Princess’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Poison’.and ‘Drugs’ live. You are the Hitchcock of hip hop killin em” – Rick Cain Jr


  • What did you think of the fan picks so far?
  • Which tracks do you want to see live?
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