‘Music Is My Life’ – Fans Tell Us How Music Has Become Their Remedy [Social]

Jul 5 2012

Music. It’s the one thing that is capable of bringing millions together and for every listener there is a different emotion that comes with it. For some, music is that extra push to get through a grueling workout. For others, it can be the only salvation from the struggles we face everyday.

In “My Remedy” from Rollin’ Stone, Stevie Stone poured out his emotions and revealed that even though life can test us sometimes, something as simple as music can prove to be the ultimate escape. With Stevie Stone’s latest music video in mind, we asked the Strange Music fans to weigh in and let us know how music has become their remedy.

From remembering lost ones to chasing dreams, music has helped fans in ways that nothing else could.

Is music your remedy? Tell us how music has helped you by sending in your story to fans@strangemusicinc.com for a chance to be featured!

Check out what fans had to say below!

Fans Shares His Music Remedy

yo strange music!

music is my remedy, everytime im about to become aggressive (which caused many problems for my loved ones and me in the past) sitting down, making a beat and write some verses heals the pain. my parents never had much money, but with enough effort i have the chance to go to the university, which is hard sometimes and you sometimes start thinking about giving up… but making music kind of gives me the strength. so music helps me to secure a better future…Dilirium Sick Slang

Justin Smith

Music is my life. It’s my light, my soul, and my Remedy. I’ve never had much, I was born to a poor, Dysfunctional, f*cked up family and grew up in all the worst neighborhoods of Rockford, Illinois. I’ve stood witness to some of the harshest realities that stand true in the world of man, and yet despite anything and everything, music has always taken my mind and lifted my heart to a higher place.

When I was young I knew every word to anything you’d hear on the radio whether it be Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Country, I could tell you how a song went word for word, even if I didn’t know what all of those words meant. I got a little bit older, probably about 13, I was a teenage white kid from a rough situation so naturally I felt the need to a rebel a little bit. I started rockin’ to Slipknot, and of course, Tech N9ne and a whole plethora of other hard hitters that would grate on my mom’s eardrums every day. When I turned 18 I left my home of Rockford and moved to a town in Michigan called Roseville. I was so so completely out of my element and depressed at the time that I didn’t know what to do with myself. The first couple of months were rough, but then, by a chance of fate, I met three individuals that changed my life entirely by bringing me into a world of music and culture that I never even knew existed. I’ve played guitar since I was about nine (Ch’eah!) years old, but I never found an outlet to plug that ability into until I met my friends and brothers in arms Jim, Todd, and Donny. I met them in a basement just North of 10 mile Road and just outside of Detroit. These guys were in a Grindcore metal band together that just blew my mind, I couldn’t believe that actual, real life people were making music this intense and this powerful right down the road from my house. Long story short, they asked me to play bass for their band and I said yes. I’ve met so many people and experienced so many thing that I never in a million years would have had the chance to if it weren’t for music. I remember one night in Lansing, Michigan. We were set to play a show that night and I was so broke at the time that I couldn’t even afford to eat before the show. We were each given three beer to tickets as compensation for playing that night. I traded my beer tickets for a bag of cheetos and a dasani bottled water and I’ll never forget sitting in the back room of this hole in the wall venue and thinking to myself “Wow, my music just fed me. It provided for me when I couldn’t provide for myself. I wanna do this for the rest of my life. – Justin Smith

MC Hazy

Strange Music is my remedy. From Tech N9ne’s high paced adrenaline pick me up lyrics, Stevie Stones in your face style, to Krizz Kaliko’s life saving relative songs. Everybody in the Strange Family provides my remedy to get through the struggles faced on a day to day basis. Much LoveHazy

Misty Hux

Music is my remedy to everything in life… I have a song to relate to every moment of every day! I grew up around abuse and music, ironically… so I knew music could take me away from the beginning of my childhood. Through stress, pain, fear, love, lust, anger, and happiness music can shine light and bring u to the surface or keep u sheltered from the hurt and fears in Ur life. If not for music I may not be here. Then to throw the strange music family in the mix… omg!! My life is straight! I love u guys!! STRANGE MUSIC IS MY REMEDY!! *MISTY HUX*

Music as a remedy for me.. It’s pretty simple to explain. Life today is so stressful and overwhelming at times that it drives most (if not all) of us crazy. Between having to deal with work or school.. or work and school, kids, bills; the stress inside a person builds up. When stress builds up your health declines dramatically and if you’re not on top of it, it will drag you into a hole. I think music not only listening but producing as well helps get your own demons out or creates a sort of escape for other people to relate to.Mike W.

Alarik Yount

Music for me is a way of escaping my normal life. Any problems I face from day to day can be solved just from drifting into tracks on my iPod. The stories within rhymes can inspire & motivate or get you amped up (especially in the case of Stevie Stone’s songs). In this way music is my remedy; something to fix any struggles I’m going through and make things easier. – Alarik Yount

Aisha Kelly

Music is everything to me. I love all types of music, I can’t be put in a box. I fell in love with music when I was a little girl. I would put my headphones on to TRY to block the pain in my little world.
Music speaks to my soul and that’s a conversation that can’t be had with another individual. Regardless of what I feel, there’s always a song in my heart. So much has happened in my life and music has always be there for, so I dedicate my life to it, music has gotten me thru some trying times and still is.
Without music I don’t know where I’d be, simply because MUSIC IS MY REMEDY.

Sammy D

Dear Tech N9ne & everyone at Strange Music:

For me Music=Life, Music takes me away to a far away place where everything is good, No matter what happens I can always count on music to save the day, I cannot live without music, whether I’m listening to music or making it there is no better feeling in life than what music gives me, for these reasons music is my remedy! Sammy D

Brennan Saller

Music has always been my remedy. i’m happy to see not only how music has evolved over the years, but also how the quality of hiphop has improved thanks to Strange.
whenever i’m in times of joy, sorrow, doubt, rebellion, anger, ‘chill,’ or whenever i’m in need of confidence-building, faith-filled uplifting, or if i need to remember to count my blessings, music is where i always turn to. Prozak #Paranormal has taught me so many things that I needed to hear (especially Full Moon, Turn Back, Until Then, One of These Days and Last Will). Krizz Kaliko and Tech N9ne has taught me to truly cherish my time with family and to not let anyone change who you are. Stevie Stone, Kutt Calhoun, and even former Strange artist Cognito has taught me that true hard work pays off and that sacrifice for those whom you love and cherish is truly reputable. as cliché as it may sound, Stone, Kutt, and Cog remind me that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (yes, i just quoted Spock LOL). these people work hard to make the best quality music for the fans and (unlike much of the mainstream), they don’t let the success get to their heads. Everyone from this years’ Hostile Takeover Tour are just great and humble people.
Music is truly a great remedy to turn to. Keep it Strange, people.

Peace and love,


Antonio Taylor

Music has always been my remedy since I was a lil kid growin up til now. Through all the ups & downs with friends, money, relationships, just life itself, it takes you away from your problems for just a moment & let’s you know that musical artists out there are like everyday people just like us.

Strange Music has played a major part in my remedy of music cause they are majority of what I listen to & wanna thank all of for that. As long as Strange Music is around, music will forever be my remedy Antonio Taylor

Music is a big remedy in my life.. Lol. I have a bad anxiety problem and I hate takin pills for it because they are very addictive.. Counting down and breathing doesn’t help me at all.. So I listen to music constantly so I can relax and so I don’t I don’t break out into an anxiety attack.. I love listening to “Strange Music” to relax a lot of it I can relate to, some of it I scream to so I can feel better.. “Anxiety” Krizz Kaliko and “Remedy” Stevie Stone are two great songs I can relate to big time.. There’s a bunch of others but those are my top two Ben

Music is my remedy bc it helps me get past all the troubling stuff going on around me and gives me an escape but can also break you down to the point of tears so you can get out all the pent up rage and aggression out that you’ve been keeping in. My bestfriend and brother died almost a yr ago (7.9.11) and he was the most down and realest mf I’ve ever met . Never got to hear jay rock but he dd hear all 6s and 7s and when I went to the takeover tour I felt like crying bc it was like I was there with him whenever tech and krizz got on stage . All my emotions just took over and I felt so overwhelmed w sadness and joy and it was like a dream come true I guess . Reality just really set in whenever they got up there and did their thing … RIP Brent Robinson Cecil Kozuh

Music is my remedy because it is like a stress relief. When I have headphones on I’m in a different world. Arron Yates, you and the rest of strange music bring me into the strange land, we’re I’m free from the real world around me. Strange music and psychopathic keep me sane in a completely insane world. Thank you for everything you do and thank you for my remedy! Much motha fuckin wicked clown love! Technician for life! InMPHD

From beat box to now taking you back to the future with lines crafty like Fox
Faster than Usain Bolt driving a Bugatti Veyron/I tear on/ dainty ass rappers acting like Charlize Theron! You niggas can’t see me/but better believe me/ I exist in your mind like fucking Houdini/ painting mental musical masterpieces you never knew existed a Theseus of Jesus resurrected to cure all diseases/a master to these men/who label me heathen/but you niggas are out of breathe recreating my rhymes while I am still breathing! I am building the fucking thing you niggas are searching for/so enter my kingdom/I bring them …. Because we all know Tech is the reason/ they’ve come/ as millions of minds finally ready/receive him!

Straaaaaaaange! Music! Take it!

What is music other than vibrations? The melodies and beats possess vibrations unique unto themselves. A loud drum, a fast guitar, fast deep bass… These vibrations clearly ignite the positive, the action, the excited emotions. Someone so sad and dead inside can only go so long listening to such vibrations before they wanna “shake their ass” or “move their feet”. It is a compelling source of energy that we cannot see, touch, taste, but when we hear the beat we feel the vibrations throughout our body, our soul. It is not up for debate. As such a smooth jazz sax’ or particular notes on a piano, etc has the opposite effect. It can take our overly positive energy, our over anxiousness and calm it, bring soothing vibrations that calm us, mind, body and soul. We can bring ourselves into harmony with music if we understand our feelings and the vibrations behind each instrument, each note. Some may joke or unknowingly say music is their remedy, but it most certainly is … and is proven by science.

And aside from the notes and vibrations of the instruments and beats, every word spoken is a materialization of a thought. It’s reaching out to those with like thoughts and giving them solace in knowing they are not alone. What we think is the only thing that matters. So then, using expression of language in music is the highest form of expression. For if we think negative, we receive negative. If we think poor, we become poor. If we think ill, we become ill. Knowing this, if we think the opposite, we get the opposite. Not only are the beats and vibrations a remedy, the thoughts expressed in language are the only REAL remedy. Pills, drugs, even physical exercise are just treatments. The REAL remedy to all human conditions, be it illness, depression, poverty, physical self consciousness, etc, lies ONLY in our vibrations and what we THINK. Understanding this, music, embracing both, clearly is a Remedy… And not only A remedy. One of the most powerful ways to apply the remedy of disharmonious human conditions.

Thanks for reading Strange crew. Been a Tech fan since day one. Lynch too, little too dark for me now but I’m always repping Sactown 916. Kali, the supreme talent my friend. I know Tech knows what you are. Kutt, all you guys. Most talented line up in the biz. Thank you for introducing me to Mayday… STRANGE MUSIC 4 LIFE. You guys keep that evil out and keep working together. Much luv. – Bryan J. Gallagher


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