Radio Gets STONED – Fans Tune In To Radio For Stevie Stone's '808 Bendin'' [Social]

Jul 12 2012

Stevie Stone "808 Bendin" HIts National Radio
Photo by: Zoie CliftIt’


It’s official. Stevie Stone’s “808 Bendin'” featuring Tech N9ne is spreading across the nation’s airwaves and fans are loving it.

The amped up single from Stevie Stone’s Strange Music debut, Rollin’ Stone, first made its way around satellite radio and and has now found a spot on radio playlists around the country.

With reports of the track being played, we asked Strange Music fans to let us know which stations in their area were showing love for Stevie Stone and Strange Music. As we found out, “808 Bendin'” could be the biggest radio hit from the Snake and Bat yet!

Check it out below.

Let us know what stations and cities are playing “808 Bendin”!

“Power 93.9 Wichita, KS.” – James Logan Devaughn Whitfield

“101.9 Kiss FM Greenville, NC” – Evan Cox

“Las Vegas 97.5!!” – Jason Maidman

“Oklahoma City kj 102.7 or 104.9” – Taylor Fatherree

“104.7 IE Inland Empire Rialto, CA. Cheeaaaa” – Daniel Pompa

“V-103 ATL” – Angie Turner

“88.9 Lincoln University radio, Jefferson City, MO!” – Dylan Edwards

“I was listening to hip hop nation and it was number 9 in the top 10. I was kinda excited 🙂” – Misty Griggs

“I heard this song being played on HOT 93.7 Hartford’s #1 for Hip-Hop and R&B. I was freaking out in my car by myself lol so amazing” – John Hart

“DENVER 303 K$1075 YAY YAY” – Donovan Norte Caranza

“Santa Rosa, California 106.1, 707 baby, reppin the Bay Area!!” – Hunter Mullins

“Chicago!!!! 92.3!!!!!!” – Ron Papanek

“My Bro heard it on WGCI in Chicago!!!” – Alan Wade

“‎94.1 Bakersfield CA.Its about time the play some artists with talent!!!” – Stephen Nunley

“V96 VALDOSTA GA” – Eric Guerrero


  • Have you heard “808 Bendin” on the radio in your area?

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