'Best Night Of My Life' – Fans Share Craziest Moments From The Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour [Social]

Jul 10 2012

Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour

Tech N9ne’s Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour broke records as the longest consecutive tour in hip hop history. Stretching across nearly four months, the tour was a massive undertaking that featured nightly performances from Tech N9ne,, Krizz Kaliko, Machine Gun Kelly, ¡MAYDAY!, Prozak, and Stevie Stone.

A record-breaking tour wouldn’t be complete without the many memories fans made along the way. From on-stage marriage proposals to wild moshhpits, the Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour had it all.

With the tour officially a wrap, we asked the Strange Music fans to share their craziest and most memorable moments. At 96 shows in length, the tour had plenty of wild stories to offer.

Check out what fans had to say below!

Tech and Krizz were giving props to the mosh pit goin down front and people just started goin crazy, getting real into it. Guys just wildin out in the pit, goin pedal to the metal, but still keepin it level. And towards the end of the show Tech started just bullshittin with the crowd and callin out Baby Bash up in the VIP, showin love to the city, and just bein like a normal dude while he was up on stage. Show was insane, never seen anyone interact like that with their fans. Seemed like he was having just as much fun as we were. Much love, he said it himself, ‘It’s hard as fuck bein up on stage spittin all these rhymes, but i do it for yall, and i love it’Jimmy Priour

I went to the Albuquerque show on April 10th. I got V.I.P and it was my first Tech N9ne show. While I was at the meet and greet I was talking to Krizz Kaliko and while he was signing something for me one of the security guys came up to Krizz and said it was time to go. Krizz looks at me then at the security and said “Not till I get everybody.” Best night of my life. Thank you.” – Matt Mares

I met jacob wells in the vip line before anything between him and Aaron transpired. We kicked it all show. Showed Aaron my snake and bat Tat, he said ” that shits sick” made my day. Had a blast jamming to Prozak, Stevie Stone and MAYDAY. Slim , MGKs hype man, spit on me so I spit back, I got kicked. Was sad to miss Tech and Kali. But I rocked out in the parking lot for there set. After the phoenix show I continued to kick it with Jacob, still do. But the greatest night was when Aaron called Jacob and took the time to say what’s up to my wife, my brother brandon and I. True artist right there, truly respects his fans. – Matt Lenne

Prior to the concert, I decide I want to give Tech N9ne a gift for all the great music he has given me to listen to through hard times and good times. My gift to him was a drawing in the style of a comic book cover with Tech being the hero with him holding out a microphone. It paid a lot of homage to Tech N9ne with him having the ability of speed to the barcode on the side that has the Nnutthowze numbers along with it. It took me about three hours to do. I first did the drawing in pencil, then went over it along with the shading with Indian ink. It was the first time I completed my artwork with it as well.

So right before I was going to meet up with my friend, I decided to get a frame from the store to put the drawing in. Now me and my friend arrive to the Worcester, MA show at the Palladium. At the meet and greet, I gave Tech the drawing. I couldn’t believe his reaction when he seen it. He lifts up his Oakley sunglasses to get a better look and with a smile on his face he says “Wow! That’s nice! Wow!” He then told me he liked how I used the wording of the drawing referring to his speed. In that moment, I felt that an artist that I appreciate listening to his work, really appreciated my work as well.

Then as the concert began, I managed to stay in the front row from beginning until the end. And when Tech was on stage, he actually noticed me in the crowd, so I pointed at him with a smile and he smiled back and pounded his chest. That night was one of the best moments of my life. I will never forget it and will always brag about it.” – Vincente Pimentel

Norfolk show was insane. My boy lees first tech show, second time vip (will never miss vip again, which is THE BEST VIP IN THE BUSINESS). All around one of the best shows ever. When you got the energy Tech has and can meet and greet daily, do that many shows, and play for damn near 2 hours a night. There is a reason he is the king, not only of KC but of the entire rap game.Nick Nelson

PORTLAND OR, show waz ooff tha wall. Made it better when tech let me know that I had killed it!! Cuz of tha hoodie I made! mad love tech!!
An SEATTLE WA, show waz even better cuz at meet an greet tech remember me cuz of tha HOODIE had made!An no fuckin lie after meet an greet me and my brother smoked a B an bull shited 😉 wit nonmz from mayday!! Then did it BIG for my dudee WREKONIZE from mayday it waz hiz B-day , cant waite tell you come back thiz way!!Patrick Fowler

We blew some fire then drank a bottle of Jose, a bottle of Captain, and a bottle of Sterlings before the show in D-Port! Bought a fresh new dress and panties and discovered that I hada panty line and couldn’t wear em…long story short I fell down n showed my cookies! :O *unforgettable*Natasha Blackburn

It was amazing in the mosh pit when MGK got on stage and started stage diving and I was holding him up!!!! Then tech n9ne hit the stage and the mosh pit went crazy when he started ‘Riot Maker’!!!John Obermiller

“On April 14 2012. The strange fam came to Phx AZ and gave us a phenomenal show.. before tech did ‘The Noose’.. I handed him a charm that I made before I got home from Iraq in 2008 that I had never taken off until that moment.. it has three bullets and twelve beads representing my kills and weapons I used there.. I gave it too him and he shouted me out in the crowd.. days later he contacted me too say thank you and we have talked several times after.. he the made a video with Brotha Lynch Hung E-40 called ‘Zombie’. And he wore it in that video and then gave me a direct message in an interview he made on memorial day.. Tech is a real nigga .. if anyone doubts Tech’s love for his fans you need too think twice… all hail too the N9ne”Jacob Wells

“So I’m from KC well in Johnson county… Been listening to Tech since I was in middle school… Im 25 now…Never been to a show… Until you guys came to PoPs near St. Louis… Amazing… I’m here on business and when I heard you guys were coming through I had to go… Keep on keepin on baby… None of these other rappers compare. Strange music represent” – Sean Rodriguez

“So when you guys came through my city (san diego)…We were on our way to stand in line for the show and I look across the street and i see this lil black dude walking with this hott ass chick! As we get closer it was TECH N9NE walking with a (Bianca)! HAHAHA. I thought I was dreaming or something plus we were all fucked up.So I kind of jumped at them and yelled TECH N9ne! He just said “whats up baby?”. As he started practically running away from us, I started yelling about how “your my boy tech! you just dont know it yet!” It was rad to see Nina in the city I grew up in . I just wish he had time for a pic and a shot of that 151! Thanks for all that you do strangers.” – Dan Bass

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