DJ Booth x Tech N9ne ‘Reproduced’: ‘Blur’ Featuring The Sleepwalkers [Audio]

Jul 26 2012

Just days after Shane Eli took “Blur” south of the border, DJ Booth is back with another Re-Produced remix.

In anticipation of its July 30 release, DJ Booth has dropped the second remix of “Blur” from its upcoming Re-Produced EP. West Coast production team The Sleepwalkers take the boards for this guitar-laced, heart-pounding remix that jump starts the original mellow vibe first heard on KLUSTERFUK.

In a second profile for the series, DJ Booth caught up with The Sleepwalkers for a word on how the remix came together:

“We actually produced about four different versions before running with this one. The first version was real synth heavy and a little too predictable so we ended up ditching the synths and rebuilding around the drums. Once we plugged in Stephen’s guitar everything just fell into place. We tried to match the energy of the vocals which is why the verses are fast and furious and the hook is so mellow/dreamy. The transition from hook to verse is like being woken up abruptly from a nice drunken slumber in a house that you don’t recognize. Needless to say, we can relate to this song.”

Click here to listen to “Blur” featuring The Sleepwalkers.

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