‘No Other Hip Hop Entity Can Match’ – HipHopDX Places Tech N9ne And Strange Music Among Top ‘Do-It-Yourself Crews’

Jul 5 2012

Tech N9ne And Strange Music Among Top Indie Crews

The indie movement is nothing new to hip hop, but the ever-changing landscape of the music industry has driven the “Do It Yourself” crowd to revolutionize the way they connect with their audience. Taking a look at the current playing field, HipHopDX has listed their top 7 indie crews currently shaking up the industry including Tech N9ne and Strange Music.

From its inception over a decade ago, Strange Music has continued to push against the norm and develop a business strategy that has kept the label and Tech N9ne at the top of its class.

On Strange Music’s success, HipHopDX says:

“To date, Strange Music has sold almost 2.4 million albums independently. Strange has five #1 indie albums, 14 Top 10 indie albums, three #1 R&B albums, and 15 Top 10 rap albums so far. However, the heart of Strange Music lies in their cult following. Tech N9ne creates shows that fans will cross state borders to experience, merchandise that they proudly adorn, and a camaraderie that no other Hip Hop entity can match, where artists and fans collectively let their freak flags fly. Many Hip Hop enterprises attempt to match the work that Strange Music has accomplished, but being in business over ten years and counting, it’s clear that this is one market that’s already cornered.”

Other notable crews to make the cut include Strange Music’s Jay Rock and the Top Dawg Ent. team as well as Hopsin and Funk Volume. While it may not be surprising to catch Strange Music in the conversation, it certainly speaks volumes about the label’s ability to remain relevant in a market full of so many indie names.

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