‘Which Beats Should Wrek Freestyle Over?’ – Fans Sound Off

Aug 6 2012

Fans Weigh In On Wrek's Freestyle

With Thrift Store Halos about to add another home-run on ¡MAYDAY!’s resume, Wrekonize dropped the first of four freestyles to come with “Goldie”.

The bouncy production from A$ap Rocky’s popular single gave way for some hefty punchlines and smooth flows from Wrek, making us wonder, is there any beat Wrek can’t kill?

Well, we decided to leave that up the Strange Music fans. We asked fans on the web to weigh in with their choice of beat they’d like to hear Wrek freestyle over.

From East Coast classics to underground favorites, check out which beats the fans want to hear Wrek on.

“Anything on MF DOOMs Special Herbs” – Myles Canan

“Yelawolf’s ‘Throw It Up’ beat” – Luis Contreras

“I want to see how he handles beats from different genres so I am going to say Falling In Reverse’s ‘Raised By Wolves’. I would like to see him destroy Krizz Kaliko’s ‘Mayday'” – Juan Rios

“‘Iron Maiden’ by Ghostface Killah” – Ethan James Henderson

“Childish Gambino – ‘Bonfire’ Or Lil Wayne – ‘Megaman'” – Zach Slocum

“Busta Rhymes: ‘I’ll Hurt You'” – Michiel Prak

“‘Reunited’- Wu tang shit, or “Bigger Than Hip Hop” by Dead Prez” – Daniel Hall

“‘Hate Me Now’ by Nas; or ‘Is That Your Chick’ by Memphis Bleek” – Joshua Taylor

“He should do a soulful one like ‘If I Ruled The World’. That would be dope.” – Anthony Lightfoot

“‘Blacken The Sun’. I wanna see him do one of Tech’s beats that he dope” – Charlie Duke

“‘Mercy'” – Victor E. Rivera

“He should do a remix of Rick Ross’ ‘Hustlin'” – Chris Handlin

“‘Power’ by Kanye West. He would destroy it.” – Julian Reyes

“Ludacris – ‘Saturday (Oooh Oooh!)'” – Jay Scott Udell

“‘Amen’- Meek Mill” – Ricky Lucia


¡MAYDAY! - "Thrift Store Halos"

  • What did you think of the picks?

  • What beat would you choose for Wrek?

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