MUST SEE – Prozak Adds New Music To Setlist On Mile High Tour!

Aug 2 2012

Victor Sandoval

Prozak To Perform New Music On Mile High Tour

If you weren’t already planning on catching Prozak on the Mile High Tour, you may want to rethink it because you’ll be missing out on a whole new show!

The Kottonmouth Kings’ Mile High Tour featuring Prozak officially kicked off just recently and it’s offering up a whole new performance from Strange Music’s Paranormal emcee. Prozak hit the web to announce the addition of “Million Miles Away” AND “Enemy” to his setlist during the Mile High Tour.

Prozak Confirms New Music For MIle High Tour

Both tracks have proven to be among the most popular from Paranormal and now fans can finally hear them live. Even those who attended the Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour will be getting a brand new show from Prozak!

Don’t miss out on catching Prozak’s all new live performance on the Mile High Tour. We can only imagine what the moshpits will be like this time around.


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The Mile High Tour Featuring Prozak

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