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Aug 27 2012

Prozak On The Mile High Tour

Just weeks after wrapping up the record-breaking Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour, Prozak packed up once again and joined the Kottonmouth Kings for the Mile High Tour in support of Paranormal. The tour, which boasts a massive line up, recently kicked off as it makes its way across the country and gives fans another opportunity to catch Prozak live in their city.

With the tour underway, we’ve decided to keep up with Prozak on the Mile High Tour and bring you straight into his world as we see everything through his eyes and get a glimpse of his experiences. We’ll be following Prozak on his journey and sharing updates as he provides them along with a few fan videos and photos of his performances each night.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Prozak, it’s that anything can happen in life and that’s what’s it all about.


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East Coast Driven

Prozak And Blue Man Group

Prozak Hits The East Coast

Prozak Fan In Buffalo, NY

‘We Are The True Underground Spirit’

So… Detroit went completely insane last Saturday when we arrived at Harpo’s for the Mile High Tour! The audience was full of long time supporters, friends and new faces. Great home show for me. We had a day off Sunday, then back to the grind. Last night we devastated Cleveland, OH – one of the best cities in the country for independent music. As usual, the 216 came out with a huge crowd and showed mad love to us. Along the way of this Mile High journey… one thing is becoming clear. That one thing is that we are the true underground spirit. No radio.. no mainstream push or machine behind us. Just a group of people coming together and touring the United States in front of those who follow us enough to know that we are in their city that particular night. Somehow this seems more rewarding. We look out for each other on this road. The artists, the audience… the venues. Family. – PROZAK

Prozak Live In Detroit

The Gods Are Angry

Prozak Heads East On MIle High Tour

‘Absolutely Insane’ – Prozak Updates From The Windy City

Chicago… as usual, was absolutely insane. My roots go back here for many years. It’s always a good feeling to see PDM shirts and my past still relevant. We took the stage to a rowdy Midwest audience who were already anticipating the mosh-pits! The venue was a hardcore club known for metal and punk rock. This vibe supplied the perfect refuge for the Strange/Sub-Noize supporters whom were amped up! MoonShine Bandits came out and rocked the crowd with their country-infused hip-hop… Big-B came out with a fury of rhymes and performed his lyrical anthems… the crowd knowing each one very well.
Now, me and my crew were suited up and turning on the mic’s.. GO TIME… damn, Chicago crushed as hard in the crowd as we did on stage. Perfect exchange of energy.

Prozak's Equipment On Stage

I went out, like every show, and met the people who came and supported us. When it was time, the Kotton Mouth Kings bursted out with a smashing punk-rock hip hop set..
Mile-High-Tour!!!! Come see us. – PROZAK

Prozak Live On The Bottom Lounge Stage In Chicago

Prozak Live In Chicago

Prozak Performs In Chicago

Prozak At The Bottom Lounge In Chicago

Prozak Live On Mile High Tour

Living In These Dark Times

Prozak Rolls Through Chi-town

Welcome To The Midwest

Prozak In The Midwest

Prozak Updates From The Road

The Mile-High Tour has been incredible so far. Strange Music & Sub-Noize have always had Success combining artists in the past… and history is repeating itself once again.

The overall vibe I get from meeting the audience every night, is that there is an overwhelming sense of unity. The underground uniting in venues across the united states – supporting independent music! My political infused hip hop mixes perfectly with the crowd, as we all share the same desire> Freedom.
The Kings are incredible people to tour with and I highly respect their nearly 20 year career in the bizz. Also, got to chop it up with Big-B the other night… talented artist & good people! High-energy… High-intensity… High-TCH levels…. #MileHighTour! – PROZAK

Fans Support Prozak On Mile High Tour

Prozak Live In Reno

Prozak In Reno With Fans

Prozak Live In Reno

Prozak Performing Live In Reno, NV

Prozak Performs Live In Reno On The Mile High Tour

The Mile High Tour Travels Through Reno, Boulder, Fargo, And Des Moines

Prozak In Reno, Fargo, And Des Moines

Prozak Performs In Sacramento, CA At The Ace Of Spades 7/31/12

Prozak In Sacramento, CA

Prozak Live In Sacramento

Prozak Live In Sacramento

Prozak Live In Sacramento

The West Coast Gets Paranormal

Prozak On The West Coast

Prozak performs in Santa Cruz,CA at The Catalyst – 7/30/12

The Road Begins

Prozak On The Mile High Tour

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