Crossroads KC Eat and Greet: 'Who Else Do You Want To Eat With?' – Fans Sound Off

Aug 21 2012

Got a place set at the table, we eatin’ spinnach with strangers.

The Crossroads KC Eat and Greet Contest is heating up as fans everywhere are entering in hopes of sitting down for a very special dinner with the Kansas City King, Tech N9ne.

While the thought of breaking bread and tossing back KC Teas with Strange Music’s general is as exciting as it gets, speculation surrounding another special dinner guest has fans buzzing in anticipation.

Who will join Tech N9ne at the table for this one of a kind Strange Music dinner?

The only way to find out is to enter the Crossroads KC Eat and Greet Contest, but in the meantime, check out what fans on the web had to say:

There may be another guest added to the table for the Eat And Greet!! Who do you want to eat with?

“Kali baby” – Mark Brown

“Tech N9ne, Stevie Stone, Kaliko, and Kutt” – Taylor Dunworth

“STEVIE STONE!!!!!!!” – Brett Noble

“Kali Baby” – Christopher Loren Piserchio

“Yep Stevie” – Sean Bray

“CES Cru” – Leet Thompson

“Krizz Kaliko!!” – Adam Detox Thompson

“Stevie Stone or Kutty” – Sally O”Hare

“Ubiquitous” – Justin Jolly

“The whole Strange Fam!!” – Furcap Darren

“Tech and Kaliko” – Cameron Crisis Klim

“Bloody Kutty Cal!!” – Nik Blacketer

The entire Strange family!!” – Chris Mason

“KALI BABY!!!” – Prince Bryant Griffin-Bey

“Tech and Kali!” – Bridget Jean

“Tech and Krizz” – Rachael Campbell

“STEVIE STONE or KRIZZ KALIKO!” – Amber Contreras

“Krizz Kaliko” – Tyler Schwallbach

“Tech, Krizz, Kutt, and Trav” – Andrew Ampdup Dkt Polley

“STEVIE STONE!!” – Scrubjuggalo For-Life

“How bout we just make this a family occasion and invite all of Strange?? It’ll be Strangegiving!!!!” – Kaitlyn Toepperwein

“Krizz Kaliko, Makzilla, and Tech N9ne. I got 2 drink wit em but never eat wit em or maybe CES Cru could join” – John Sharp

“You, Stevie Stone, Kutt and Krizz!” – Heather LeAnna Hensley

“BIG KRIZZ KALIKO! Down to earth muthafacko. Prozak is hella cool to talk with too.” – Scott Henderson

“Kutt Calhoun!” – Brock Starr Allen

“Kali baby & Kutt! They’re both such sweethearts!” – Alex Gabriele Petersen

“Kutt and Tech!!!” -Larkins Devanie

“CES Cru” – James Russo

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  • Who else do you want at the dinner table?

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