‘Nobody Is Doing What Tech N9ne Does Right Now’ – Chris D’Elia On Jay Mohr’s Podcast [Audio]

Aug 24 2012

Chris D'Elia And Jay  Mohr Talk Hip Hop

Ever think you’d hear comedians Jay Mohr and Chris D’Elia chop it up about hip hop’s greatest acts? How about Tech N9ne?

Whitney star and noted Technician Chris D’Elia stopped by Jay Mohr’s Mohr Stories podcast recently to talk shop on hip hop’s greats.

Buried somewhere in the hilarious banter and shit-talking, Chris D’Elia and Jay Mohr broke down their top five emcees of all time. Who did Chris list just below 2Pac? None other than Tech N9ne. Aside from praising the Kansas City King’s live performances, Chris also recalled meeting Tech during the Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour.

If you’ve never heard two white comedians trade bars, you’ve gotta check this out!

Tech N9ne talk begins at 79-minute mark during episode 82.

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  • What did you think of Chris D’Elia’s top five?
  • Do you think Jay Morh listens to Tech N9ne?

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