‘My T9X’ – A Fan’s Story

Aug 3 2012

Jeremiah Sullivan And Tech N9ne

As the date approaches for Tech N9ne at Crossroads KC (August 24), we must take a look back at what being at a Tech N9ne show is all about: the Tech N9ne experience (T9X).

Here we have a story from Jeremiah Sullivan from Detroit, who wrote us his detailed account of his Tech N9ne experience. In case you were ever wondering if knowing all the words to every single one of your favorite rap songs would ever pay off, Jeremiah can answer that for you: YES.

Let’s let him tell it…

The sickness is something you’re born with. You may not know it; you may not even know what it means. All you know is that when you hear something twisted into a beautiful masterpiece of poetry, you can’t do anything except take it in. Some call it its own religion, some call it a cult, but in all reality it’s a family. This is my experience at what some may call a family reunion and some just call a Tech N9ne concert.

On June 7th, 2012 Mitch, my brother, and I started our 3.5 hour journey from the Grand Rapids area to Detroit, MI. At approximately the ten hour mark after arriving in Detroit, we hear nothing other than the loud and energetic voice of Scenario waking everyone up and getting us ready (as if we needed it). There were talks in the crowd of everyone’s experience with Tech concerts and listening to his music, and then it began. Meet and greet started, it went pretty smooth and as quick as we were in the door we were out. It was awesome meeting everyone; Krizz, Mayday, Stevie Stone, MGK, Prozak, and finally Tech N9ne.

Showing up early and being in the front of the line has its perks. After another wait, following meet and greet, they started the line to get in the show. Mitch and I got dead center, front row. Openers started and ended more quickly than we wanted. Through all the pushing, elbows, knees, punches, fights, mosh-pits and everything else; about 5 hours later Mitch and I were still center stage, front row. I literally could not have been closer when Tech N9ne took the stage. I don’t mean just stepped on stage, I mean he TOOK it. As soon as his first stride hit; the stage, the building, the crowd, and the world was his.

Listening to the speed of his lyrical delivery for years, I have always been able to keep up with most all of Tech N9ne’s songs. I’m not saying that I am the best or the only one by any means, just that I’m good enough to get by. Some songs require me to listen to them a few times to pick up on the flow and the lyrics and some are immediate. I never knew what this little ability would do for me but I was about to find out.

“Midwest Choppers” kicked off the set and as Tech rapped I rapped (more like yelled) along with him rewarding me a point and a nod of acknowledgement from the king himself. Several songs later Tech takes to the crowd stage left, my right, and performs his verse of “Midwest Choppers 2”. Minutes later I find the man we were all there to see directly in front of me using my shoulder and the bodies of the rest of the crowd to keep balance as he sits on the guard rail. Ironically the words “follow me” started the verse to “Worldwide Choppers”, and follow him I did. As I look up I notice him looking down, seeing my pants to breath in the crowd and the sweat dripping off my head as I scream every word with everything I have. Tech one-ups himself with even more acknowledgement by jumping down throwing out a handshake and bursting out a “HELL YEAH.” I was at what I thought would have been an impossible precedent of excitement to beat. I could not have been more wrong.

Later in the show the song “He’s a Mental Giant” started and the crowd went insane. Preceding this song, the show came to a screeching halt and so did my breathing when Tech N9ne stopped the show to recognize a fan in the front row of the crowd. That fan, was me. Complete silence was around me as all eyes tuned to me all I can remember was the pounding of my brothers hands on my back and squeezing of my shoulders as my hands are in the air and N9na’s pointing strait at me. He mentions the fact that I have said every word to every song throughout the set and hadn’t missed a beat and at that point breaks down into an acapella of the fast part of “He’s A Mental Giant”. I was awe-struck when he encouraged me to join in with a wave of his hands, at which point, I did.

Not very often can a fan say that he sang, rapped, or played with their favorite performer. I can proudly say I did. I wish there were video, pictures or any kind of visual record of this event but at the end of the day, a great memory is something I will have forever.


Thank you to Jeremiah Sullivan for all of his support to this movement we call Strange Music. It’s fans like him that are the reason that the rest of the industry is taking a look at what Tech N9ne is doing and how they can keep up. However, the answer isn’t hard, make real music and connect with your fans, one by one.

Thanks again to Jeremiah and the rest of you out there that continue to make us proud to do what we do and for allowing us into your hearts and souls with our music and message.

It Goes UP!

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