Which Track From ’13’ Do You Want A Video For Next? – Fans Sound Off

Sep 4 2012

Next Music Video From CES Cru '13'? - Fans Sound Off

From the booth to the lens, there’s nothing typical about CES Cru and that’s exactly what has made the duo such a killer combination when it comes to delivering visuals.

For their Strange Music debut EP, 13, Ubiquitous and Godemis dropped off two brand new music videos, “Klick Clack Bang” and “Colosseum”. The two videos sparked some major buzz from fans as CES Cru prepared for their indie takeover.

With 13 now a week into its release and plenty of cuts still available for the video treatment, we recently asked the fans to voice their opinions and let us know which track from the EP they would like to see as the next music video.

Check out what they had to say below!

“It’s Over” or “One Bomb State” – Khaotic Davis

“IT’S OVER”!! – Devin Torrance

A mash with “Tempus Fugit” and “Peter Parker” like you did with “Old Gregg” and “6 Minits” off The Deevil. either that or “It’s Over” – Isaac R. Veloz

“ONE BOMB STATE”!!!!! – TJ Samuel Revas

Go old school and do a medley of all – Chris Newcomb

Yo! this Shit’s OVER!!! and I think that is should be an animated video, with Afro Samurai type of animation – Jeisun Atkins

“Peter Parker” – Kiernan Cooper

“Time Is Now” – Logan Ringham

I’d either like to see “It’s Over” or “Livin’ Life” – Bryan Moeller

“Time Is Now” or “Peter Parker” would be dope – James Ayekaye Gandhi

“TIME IS NOW” – Dylan Hill

“It’s Over”! – Mikey Walker

“Time Is Now”!!! – Berwa H. Mahmod

“Time Is Now” – Jesse Vigil

“Time Is Now” , “Peter Parker”, “Living Life” – Matt Bennett

“It’s Over” of course – Tyler C. Stevens

“Time Is Now” or “Livin’ Life” – Quentin Castro

“One Bomb State” – Jose Garcia

Jump it off with “Tempus Fugit” then finish it with “It’s Over”…its the perfect concept to start with the intro and end with a finale. – Eli Dolla Rd Brooks

Livin’ Life” or “Time Is Now”…. “Klick Clack Bang” already has a cool little live performance video – Drew Sylvester

“ITS OVER” Definetly!!!!!!!! – Luis Angel Ruiz

“TIME IS NOW”!!! – Samantha Gonzales

“Peter Parker”, or “Tempus Fugit” – Mike Deth

“It’s Over” or “Time Is Now” – Justice Detillion

“It’s Over”/”Time Is Now” – Jason Taylor

“It’s Over” or “Tempus Fugit” – Austin Demeter


  • What do you think?

  • Which track do you most want to see as a video?

Let us know in the comments section below!