POLL: Best Track On Tech N9ne’s ‘E.B.A.H.’?

Sep 28 2012

Tech N9ne - E.B.A.H.

You’ve had plenty of time to digest it, now here comes the hard part. Which track on Tech N9ne’s E.B.A.H. do you think stands above the rest?

At 27 minutes in length, E.B.A.H. strapped listeners in for a bizarre ride through the party life and the outright sinister. Tech’s latest EP once again flipped traditional rap and offered up hits like “Don’t Tweet This” and the emotional “A Real 1” featuring JL of B. Hood.

Brief, but explosive, E.B.A.H. is that unique Tech N9ne sound that we just can’t get enough of.

So, which track do YOU think is the best?

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  • Why?

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