‘Cannot Get Enough!!’ – Tech N9ne’s ‘E.B.A.H.’ Lights Up YouTube

Sep 7 2012

Tech N9ne Lights Up YouTube With "E.B.A.H."

With nothing more than his trademark facepaint and more energy than a nuclear reactor, Tech N9ne fired up the web with the first visual from E.B.A.H.

The title track to his forthcoming EP, E.B.A.H., received its explosive premiere this past week and in just a matter of days has already shot up to nearly 250,000 views on YouTube.

With KLUSTERFUK references and an animated flow, Tech N9ne once again put his addictive rhyme patterns on display for the world as fans anticipate the release of E.B.A.H. on 9/18.

Just under two weeks away, it’s clear that E.B.A.H. is infecting more than just Strangeland.

Check out what people on YouTube are saying:

I swear to God I listen to this song like 6 or 7 times a day. Toooooo fucking dirty. WHOOP WHOOP!

I love the video. Its badass in my opinion

I love this track. goes socrates hard. one of my favorite parts is the “whats my name” reminds me of “Who You Came To See”

Turn it up all the way and put it on repeat!!!!!!! STRANGE!!!!!!!

Tech N9ne is one of the most, if not “the most” consistent rapper right now.I haven’t heard a song I haven’t liked by him since…well idk.

Can’t wait till this is out!

Am I the only one who thinks tech looks gangster as FUCK!!!!?

I’d gladly pay for replays for this song.

1:55 Tech kills the letter M. N9na is the shit.

God Damn Tech how the fuck do you keep getting better?

Can’t believe what I just heard, this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard, and probably will ever hear. Tech never fails at anything he does, that’s why he’s my hero.

MIND BLOWN!!!! I’ve been waiting for this song and it’s finally here!!!!

The chorus gives me the fucking chills

This shit is too fucking hard ^_^

This deserves a VMA

Man that scream gave me goosebumps

My goodness..Tech you are a beast..no one can stand in your way..so who do you catch now?!?

That is the best song I have ever heard of… I went crazy

Still looking for a Tech N9ne song that I don’t like. This is about my 50th one and the search continues!

I seriously CANNOT GET ENOUGH of this video!!!!!


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