Bar Exam: Tech N9ne’s ‘E.B.A.H.’ Alliteration Broken Down

Sep 10 2012

Breaking Down Tech N9ne's "E.B.A.H." Alliteration

Someone bury the letter M because Tech N9ne just deaded it.

Once again showing out as the elite emcee he is, Tech went a little nuts with the letter M on “E.B.A.H.” as he ripped bars apart with a clinic on alliteration. The literary device, previously heard on Tech’s “B. Boy”, comes into effect when an emcee spits multiple words with common sounds or the same jump off point.

In this case, Tech decided to demolish a slew of words beginning with the letter M. The result was one of “E.B.A.H.”‘s dopest moments and in honor of the brand new release, we’ve broken down the lyrics so even the most green of emcees can spit like the best.

Check it out:

Missile you Mitchells are misinformed and mixed in the middle of my menace

Murderous, Michael Myers’ my mimic

Mom, you made a monster, I’m making minions in minutes

Money motivated mishap asmodeus monikers mended!


  • Did you get this right from the get go?
  • What are some of your favorite examples of alliteration in rap?

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