‘Entertaining Insanity’ – ‘E.B.A.H.’ Earns High Praise On HipHopDX.com

Sep 26 2012

HipHopDX.com Reviews "E.B.A.H."

A “theatrical ride through Tech’s mind” is how HipHopDX.com describes Tech N9ne’s latest EP in a brand new review that praises the Kansas City King’s penchant for dramatic delivery.

The new release continues to gain traction within the hip hop community as HipHopDX.com’s Phillip Mlynar dug into Tech N9ne’s most recent offering and discovered what it is that sets E.B.A.H. apart from the crowd:

In these times of sprawling freebie mixtapes and albums with five throwaway bonus songs tacked on to the end, Tech N9ne has crafted that rare thing: A focused body of work that actually sounds like the artist has put some thought into how their art and message should be presented to the world.

Highlighting Tech’s solid effort, the review also rewards E.B.A.H. with a final 4/5 ranking and suggests that Tech is at the top of his field:

Missy Elliott may be teasing that her upcoming Block Party album is going to usher in a new wave of “Theatrical Hip Hop,” but with E.B.A.H.,Tech N9ne may have already stolen her thunder.

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