Strange Music MVP Awards 2016 – MVP Of The Year

Dec 19 2016

The Strange Music MVP Of The Year is truly an honor.

Strange Music’s roster is one of the most competitive, elite line-ups in hip hop. Just to be part of the roster is an incredible feat itself. We will summarize what each nominee has accomplished in 2016. Now, it is up to you to see who deserves the crown.

Here are your nominees for MVP of the year:


The veteran LA rapper had a massive 2016 without even releasing a studio album through Strange Music. MURS started the year off with a free New Year’s Day release, independent of Strange Music, titled Brighter Dazewith long time friend and producer 9th Wonder. He started his own Twitch channel to interact with fans and play video games, embarked on two national tours, performed at multiple festivals, and set the world record for longest continuous rapping, totaling over 24 hours. As if this was not enough, the LA rapper landed commercials with both Xfinity and dropped a Super Bowl-themed freestyle for ESPN. Towards the tail end of the year, MURS also dropped two new songs: “Rick Grimes Is Dead”, where he hints at bringing back Paid Dues, and “Colossus”, which is a taste of a new album he plans on releasing in 2017.

Darrein Safron

The singer started his 2016 off by releasing The Brilliant EP, which showcased his R&B singing abilities. Fans of R&B and pop were quick to support Darrein. The hardcore rap fans, though, needed some convincing. Not to be outdone, Darrein displayed his rapping abilities prominently in “Get Off Me” alongside Tech N9ne and Problem. In case that didn’t convince the rap fans of his talent, Darrein capped off his 2016 with Call Logs, his brand new mixtape now available on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify.

Krizz Kaliko

Though most fans of Krizz Kaliko know him as an elite emcee, they also know he has been singing his entire life. In 2016, he finally put more emphasis on his singing abilities with the release of GO. Krizz showcased how powerful and diverse his voice can be with upbeat funk-oriented tunes like “Talk Up On It” and “Outta Mind”, while slowing things down in the emotional ballads of “Stop The World” and “Happyish”. Along with his latest release, he went on three tours, including stops in Australia & New Zealand.


In May of 2016, Rittz unleashed his third studio album, Top Of The Line. The 21 track masterpiece only gets better with every listen. With songs like “Ghost Story”, “Inside Of The Groove” and “MVP”, it’s no wonder Top Of The Line was his highest charted album to date.  Rittz followed up his release with not one, not two, but three Top Of The Line tours; one in Australia and New Zealand, one in Canada, and one in the US.


If you’re a fan of ¡MAYDAY!, you’re, no doubt, very familiar with Bernz’s emcee and song writing abilities. One half of the rapping portion of ¡MAYDAY!, Bernz finally decided to launch a solo album. His debut, See You On The Other Side, was the perfect feel-good, summertime jam. Filled with laid back acoustic guitar, light piano melodies, and some hard hitting hip hop beats, Bernz gave us a reflection of his own personality. Another highlight of his year was receiving his official Snake & Bat chain before heading out on the Independent Powerhouse Tour. Not too long afterwards, the band went on a three-month Future Vintage Tour, spanning across the US and Canada.


Signed to Strange Music in 2015, JL is still a relatively new name for many Strange Music fans. He hopped on his first nationwide Strange Music tour, gaining new fans at every stop. He even performed in front of nearly 10,000 people at a sold out Red Rocks, where he also received his official Snake & Bat chain. JL capped off 2016 with an incredibly heartfelt verse on Tech N9ne’s “Need Jesus” as well as a brand new single “Own Thang” – a preview of what’s to come from JL in 2017.

Big Scoob

For the past few years, Big Scoob has been absent from making music. He returned to the forefront with arguably his strongest and most mature album to date. His comeback to music, H.O.G., tells Scoob’s life story. He takes us through a journey of his life as a gang member, reflecting on making better life decisions, and the racism he has experienced first hand. Scoob still leaves room for the feel good songs and party tracks like “Soul Musik” and “Intoxicated”.

Mackenzie Nicole

This girl had an incredible year. With the release of the music video of her explosive single, “Actin Like You Know”, she took off. Hitting press runs in LA and picking up shows across the country, she found herself performing for a sold-out crowd at Red Rocks. Following this feat, she released a new track, “Deleted” and discussed the harms of negativity in a thought-provoking video. She appeared in two releases this year as well, landing herself on “Warrior” by Big Scoob and “We’re Not Sorry” by Tech N9ne. This is just the beginning for Mackenzie Nicole.


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