‘That Raw Shit Will Always Shine’ – Tech N9ne On Learning From Madchild

Sep 27 2012

Tech N9ne Speaks On Learning From Madchild

Even vets like Tech N9ne and Madchild can learn a thing or two from each other.

Preparing to wrap up his Canadian tour with Madchild of Swollen Members, Tech N9ne recently sat down with HipHopCanada.com for a few quick words on the tour, live audiences, and what it’s been like to tour with a Canadian legend.

On their relationship, Tech explained the effect he believes they’ve had on each other:

I think we’re both kind of stuck in our ways, but if I can learn anything from him it would be to keep it raw and hardcore. I always do keep it hardcore, but Madchild just reminds me that that raw shit will always shine. As far as what he can learn from me, he just told me that I gave him hope. Hope that there is a way that you can do things yourself and still make it. He told me that he’s been watching and learning. It’s a beautiful thing that I can have effect on someone that has been in game for that long.

With an impressive amount of sell-out shows together during this tour, Tech and Madchild are definitely keeping it hardcore for hip hop.

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