‘The Music Saved My Life’ – Tech N9ne Recalls His Journey From The Streets To Hip Hop

Sep 27 2012

Tech N9ne Recalls Leaving The Streets For Music

It may sound like a familiar story in the realm of hip hop, but when you’re the #1 independent rapper in the world, it’s most definitely worth telling.

Promoting his upcoming show in Ottowa, ON, Tech N9ne sat down with Ottawa Citizen for a brand new interview regarding his rise to fame and the struggle to keep rap separate from the street life:

The music saved my life. I ran away from home at 17 and I was living in my girlfriend’s basement writing songs. I started selling it and people started liking it and before you know it, I’m the No. 1 independent rapper in the world.

Rap is from the street, it’s something you can’t get around. It’s just like heroin and rock and roll, you just can’t get rid of it.

Tech also went on to discuss his admiration for The Doors and the impact their music has had on his career as well as Strange Music. Tech N9ne may no longer be living the lifestyle he did early on, but it clearly made enough of an impact to motivate his remarkable success.

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