‘It’s Really Big Man’ – Rittz Addresses Shout Out From Papa Roach

Oct 15 2012

Rittz Addresses Papa Roach Shout Out

It’s turning out to be a pretty big year for Rittz.

Still out on the Slumerican Tour with Yelawolf, Strange Music’s latest addition caught some big attention recently as heavy metal outfit Papa Roach sent the rapid-fire emcee a big salute via Twitter:

The shout out came just before Rittz dropped in for a live Strange Music Podcast to address his signing and upcoming album. Naturally, we had to get his thoughts on it:

I never met them before. I’m thinking that they’re from Cali – not to be ignorant about it, but maybe they saw the show out there and brought it up. I don’t know what happened, but shout out to Papa Roach. That’s tight. Growing up hearing their music, you know, they’ve been super successful, it’s crazy for somebody of that stature to mention me like that. It’s really big man. It’s just crazy.

I woke up to the text like, “Papa Roach just tweeted you.” I was like, “Wow.” I checked it out and was like, “Fuck, man. That’s amazing.” So, shout out to Papa Roach, thanks a lot man. I’m just glad I’m starting to get out there a little bit. It just means I’m getting hotter.

As unexpected as it might have seemed, the shout out was certainly well deserved considering the amount of work Rittz has put in during 2012. Looking to go even bigger in 2013, perhaps we can expect a few more industry nods for White Jesus.

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